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You need to add magnesium oil to your self-care routine!It’s important to show yourself, in no uncertain terms, that you deserve good things. The more ways you can show yourself you are worthy of good things, the more your self-worth will increase.

If you could find a single thing to do to increase your overall health, mindset, and heartset, you’d do it, right? I mean – I would. Now most of the things I advocate are NOT easy. They take commitment, discipline, and effort. When I say the word “meditation” I don’t know HOW MANY times I’ve heard someone say, “Oh no! I just CAN’T!”

Okay. So let’s say you’re not ready to do one of those really awesome life-changing practices, but could you spray your skin a couple times a day?

It’s for this reason I have to tell you about a discovery I made. I can’t keep this to myself because it is. just. so. effing. AH-MAZING! It’s amazing because it will help you reframe your worthiness story – just this small thing everyday could have HUGE consequences for your daily experience!

Note: This post includes Amazon affiliate links to products I use and love. When you click on a link and make a purchase, I get a small commission for the referral at no extra cost to you. It’s a win-win!

A Quality of Life Issue

For some time I’ve had some body issues – the physical, manifested in my vessel, kind of issues. As a person who prefers to use more natural, holistic products (like I mention in my body care guide here) I wanted solutions that reflected my values and principles.

Because of the combination of issues I was experiencing, I didn’t know exactly where to start. I could have gone and had a ton of different supplements, but that felt excessive. If things got really bad, I could have seen a doctor, but honestly that felt like a lot of hassle to get medications that may have done more harm than good.

Instead, I decided to start with changing things from the inside out.

As such, I changed my diet. I started eating more whole foods, vegetables, and fruit. My breakfasts got sprinkled with chia seeds and my snacks got accompanied by tumeric tea. To be sure, these things DID help (I love these things and they aren’t going anywhere!).

But it wasn’t enough to make significant or immediate changes.

So I continued to suffer mild discomfort every now and then.

At the same time, I had this feeling (surprise, surprise) that I should try magnesium oil. It was in the back of my mind, but I just hadn’t gotten a bottle. Originally I was thinking I’d use it as a deodorant substitute – that was all I thought I’d use it for. So I was waiting to run out of my old deodorant stick before picking some up. I’d looked at different magnesium oils at the local health food store, but I just never bought one.The magnesium oil that was a boost in a bottle!

Finally, I came to a place where things were unbearable. I had a flare up and could not stand the state of things any more. In need of something RIGHT THEN, I grabbed a bottle of magnesium oil from the store and began applying it that night.

The Magnesium Oil Claims

Now, there are a LOT of articles, blogs, and books touting the effects of magnesium oil. There’s a ton of science to back up the claims around the use, particularly of transdermal magnesium.

You could read a thousand testimonials about it healing, curing, or easing issues as diverse as anxiety, to pain, to acne, to sleep, to diabetes, to cholesterol, to… pretty much insert anything here.

So it sounds like it’s crock. Like maybe this is too good to be true.

The thing is, our bodies use magnesium for a LOT of stuff. Because our bodies are a system, if you’re lacking in something, it can become a systemic problem. Unfortunately, magnesium has decreased in our food sources which means a lot of us living in industrialized countries are getting less magnesium than we should.

If we’re getting less than we should, and our bodies use it OFTEN, then it’s probably causing some system-wide problems. So if that’s true, it’s possible these “miracle” claims are true.

I can’t speak to all the claims made about magnesium. What I can speak to is my particular experience with it.

Magnesium oil was my miracle in a bottle.

I got a bottle of this stuff on a Saturday. At that point, I was having a crazy autoimmune response driving me up the wall. I applied some of the solution and within minutes felt relief. It was like there had been no trigger at all – like my skin was normal.

Convinced I was onto something, I applied some on various areas of skin 2-3 times a day every day. My skin was healing. Joints felt more nimble and comfortable. Muscles moved easily! My skin felt soft without the help of moisturizers (something I have needed for decades).

Seeing these kinds of results, I decided I’d use it on my face instead of the Vitamin C serum I was using. After a couple of days using it on my face, my skin felt AWESOME!

A Sleep and Mood Booster

All of that was enough to keep me using magnesium, but there’s one thing that really sold me. As of writing this, for the last 5 nights I slept FULL NIGHTS. FIVE SOLID NIGHTS SLEEP IN A ROW.

One of those nights I even woke up because my husband was playing on his phone – and amazingly, went RIGHT BACK TO SLEEP. That has never happened before.

This morning, I actually woke up smiling, happy, and feeling like a million bucks.

Now, I’m a pretty happy person. I smile and laugh often – but rarely have I had a Disney level wake-up. Before, I’d wake up and it took me a while to get myself out of bed. I’d roll around and feel drowsy until my son came in to give me a hug (which honestly is one of the biggest mood-boosters ever!).

But this happiness upon waking was WAY before my morning bear hug. This was magical. I felt completely ready to take on the day.

I knew instantly it was the mag oil.

In addition to those awesome effects, I’ve been more patient, more easy-going, and just, well, happier. Now, with my other regular mindset practices, I’m a pretty easy-going person. My mood changed dramatically from meditating and mindfulness in a BIG way… but… this was something more. This was an added level that was unexpectedly awesome.

A No-brainer Self-care Addition?

Now, don’t think this will cure all your ills – I don’t think anything can promise that. You still need to do the other stuff – creating a positive sleep environment, eating healthful foods, fostering loving habits and practices are all important. A supplement is not the solution to everything.

And of course, talk to your medical provider before taking any kind of supplement…


Considering all the potential awesomeness that can happen, this is seriously worth adding to your self-care routine. The reason why I think it’s important to consider this particular practice is it can potentially help in areas of:

  • Sleep
  • Mood
  • Body care
  • Pain

These are all areas that can impact how you feel about yourself. If you’re not sleeping, you’re cranky, or your body is in less than stellar shape, you’re going to doubt your worth. You may struggle to love yourself and others. Magnesium oil has the potential to give you enough of a boost to change things. It’s for these reasons and its quick effects that I HIGHLY recommend it.

Get more love!

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You Need to Add Magnesium Oil to Your Self-care Routine
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