“I have been a fan of Alexis Donkin’s work with global compassion for the last year. I started reading her memoir, Thrive: How I Became a Superhero, and knew immediately she was tribe...Recently, Alexis launched an e-course called The Heart Unboxed: How to Love the Unlovable. The title caught my attention. I signed up to see what it is all about... This is a course you want to take!”

Shawna Ainslie

Blogger, Editor, & Coach

“Where have you been my whole life? I just finished the introductory lesson and the worthiness lesson [of The Heart Unboxed] and OMG--these are just the things I needed to hear today (this week...this year!). I appreciate very much your suggestions for how to work through my worthiness issues in these areas!”

Jennie Santopietro

​​"I'm so excited to work with you because you've been there - you know!"

Isaac Scranton

"I don't know how you knew - but you said exactly the thing I needed to hear the most right now!”

Maureen O'Leary


"I finished her book [Thrive: How I Became A Superhero] and literally felt like I wanted to start dancing…or to become a superhero.  But as Alexis reminded me in her moving testimony, I already am.  I already have those heroic resources inside of me.

Everyone needs a lift, and the heroic task that Alexis has accomplished is providing the reader with lift after lift from a seemingly devastating sequence of events in her life.  Thrive showed me that anything is possible.  Even more importantly, Thrive was a great read!  I went through the book in an hour, I was so wrapped up in her easy to read, conversational dialogue, her helpful tips along the way, and gripping storyline – that happens to be her life, and a story we can all relate to.

As Alexis says, “Wounds shape reality”.  So then, when we heal our wounds, we create a new reality.  Alexis has really shaped an amazing, superhero world for herself and inspired others to do the same.  A beautiful story!"

Amy Oestreicher

Artist, Writer, Actress, Singer, Speaker

"I personally am a Christian that feels strongly that we should focus on actively loving those around us no matter of the similarities or differences between us. This devotional [Six Degrees of Separation: 42 Days Through Faith] weaves the common threads of the different religions that are included into a lovely spiritual guide. The devotional's guidance is spiritual and leaves space for your heart and mind to begin thoughtful wandering. I praised the author's Six Degrees of Separation curriculum for promoting peace in our human community and I believe this devotional is an excellent supplement. I was delighted to receive a free copy of this multi-faith devotional from the author herself as well!"

Dana Nelson-Barnes

"In a time of increased division over misconceptions of faith Donkin's guide [Six Degrees of Separation] is greatly needed. It offers a clear and well thought path through which a group can not only learn about different faith traditions but take time to reflect on the core tenants and values of those traditions. A great gift to a world that sorely needs it!"

Rev. Dr. Jonathan Malone



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