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You're in the right place if...

You feel stuck. You're doing everything you can think of but you just can't get moving.

You're struggling to accept the next phase of your spirituality or spiritual journey.

You have a big vision for your life but you're not sure how to get started.

You're struggling to create joy, peace, or happiness in your life.





What can intuitive life coaching do for you?

Gives you objective insight into a situation. When you're too close to see things clearly, you need someone to take a look at the big picture and help you make sense of it!

Gives you guidance on next steps. Next steps could involve setting up processes, taking assessments, changing communication habits, or establishing a daily practice.

Helps you connect on a spiritual level. An intuitive life coach will help you infuse the sacred and spiritual into the everyday while giving you practical actions to become the person you were meant to be!




Intuitive life coaching works best when...

 You are coachable. By seeking a coach you recognize there is something you want to change. In order to change, you must listen to what your coach offers and follow the process.

You are committed. You are committed to doing the work necessary to transform.

You are honest with yourself and your coach. The only way to bring about lasting change is by communicating an issue or circumstance completely.

You are comfortable with other ways of knowing and spiritual practices. Intuitive life coaching uses non-traditional and alternative spiritual practices in order to gain insight on and develop coaching clients!

No experience will be like another, and all include personalized conversations, guidance, and practical tools.





What do intuitive life coaching sessions include?

Coaching is client led - that means we'll focus on the things that will best serve you! Some possible coaching paths could be:

  • Intention-setting in any/all areas of life to increase your motivation and satisfaction.

  • Implementing the Love the Unloveable Model to transform your mindset and life.

  • Implementing the Resilience Cycle to help you use every situation for the highest good.

  • Connecting to spiritual practices to find clarity, wisdom, and peace.

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What methods do you use?

Sessions and service packages may use the following tools and practices (as tailored to best serve you):

  • Empathy, listening, and peaceful communication exercises,

  • Journaling and or creative exercises,

  • Intuitive and or oracle reading sessions,

  • Contemplative practices (including options for customized guided meditation sessions),

  • as well as traditional coaching methods!

How do we get started?

I take only a limited number of clients at a given time, and only those I feel will be a good fit.

In order to be considered for coaching, please fill out the following form telling me about you and why you feel we would be a good coaching fit.

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