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Guided Meditations to Manage Stress & AnxietyIn this video, I share four meditation techniques that can be used to manage and or transform stress and anxiety. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced in your journey, there’s something here for you.I also open up about where I amĀ and how it works for me (and share a bit about how this works using my morning as an example!).

You can read the blog post referenced in the video here.If you want more step-by-step guidance, I really recommend my Love Lifestyle Workbooks, beginning with Worthiness here. For more personalized guidance to assist in your journey, contact me directly about the possibilities of intuitive readings as well as coaching here. Both meditation and guidance made a huge difference in my journey, and both can do the same thing for you too!


Alexis Donkin

Alexis Donkin is a life coach and intuitive helping creatives build lives based in unconditional love. She is the creator of The Compassion Letter weekly newsletter, and the online course, The Heart Unboxed: How to Love the Unloveable, as well as host of the Intentional Writer Interview Series and author of over 17 books.
Guided Meditations to Manage Stress & Anxiety [VIDEO]
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