4 Books That Changed My Life (bringing more love, peace, money, and purpose!)While I have read a lot of books, there are four specific books that changed my life – bringing me more love, peace, money, and purpose. I can point to the growth these inspired in my life and the specific results they helped me achieve which is why I’m sharing them with you!

No matter where you are in your journey, there is a life-changing book that can help you.

I’m going to step out on a limb here and say you’re reading this blog post because you want something to change (why else would you read a blog post about life-changing books?). While you may not be in the worst place ever, you want something to change for the better.

In an ideal world, this change would happen fast.

But there are a few things we need to talk about before we can embrace change.

Note: This post contains Amazon Affiliate links. When you make a purchase through one of these links, I receive a small commission for the referral at no extra cost to you (and you get to support your growth as well as my work!). It’s a win-win!

Confronting the Truth About Where You Are

Every now and then we take a look at our lives and realize, it’s not happening.

“Whatever I wanted to have happen is not happening.”

We feel stuck.

All the strategies and tactics you’ve been told to use haven’t worked. And there are a thousand. Each shiny new thing came along, and someone claimed it worked for them. And maybe it did. You tried it, and then, nothing.


If the things you’ve been doing haven’t yielded results, it’s time to take a look at things. It’s time to dive deep and reassess. It’s time to get outside help.

If the things you’ve been doing haven’t yielded results, it’s time to take a look at things. Click To Tweet

Failing Hard

Before we get to the books, I want to talk with you a little about failure. Because if you feel stuck, you’re probably concerned about failing. And there’s good reason to be concerned.

Failing is both easy and hard.

It’s easy to fail. It’s easy to go out and make a mess of something. Few people actually succeed. How many authors become best-selling sensations? There aren’t many artists with work in large museums like the Tate or Getty. Do you have friends who are personal trainers? How many of them are busting moves on the next P90x program?

Yeah. A small number of people reach the top because it is easy to fail.

And failing can feel like a disaster. That’s the hard part – feeling like the world is judging your failure – that your value has somehow diminished because you failed.

I want to tell you the truth – right now.

It has not. Even if you fail, you’re still absolutely worthy of good things in your life. That does not and cannot change no matter what happens.

Even if you fail, you're still absolutely worthy of good things in your life. Click To Tweet

Failure is always a learning experience, giving you guidance and ammunition for your next big (or little) action.

It’s okay to fail.

It’s GOOD to fail. Go fail like a motherf*cker (I just can’t write that word out completely on this blog despite my IRL swearing habits. Bear with me…it’s a failing! HA!).

My point is – fail hard. Do the things that scare you because those are the things that will force you to grow.

Unless that’s not where you are. Unless you’re not ready to make those changes – in that case, sit still. Get clear about what’s holding you there, and then go big, and fail hard.

So now, how did I start going big and failing hard? I got outside help from some books (and you can too!).

Books That Changed My Life

Woman reading book in meadow source: PixabayIt’s a well known secret that about 90% of business development and personal development books are complete drivel. I mean, really, super, terrible wastes of time.

When I was younger, I was gullible. I bought a lot of these books. Sold on the dreams they promised me, I eagerly purchased these books as soon as they came out, devoured the first four or five chapters, only to find they were useless, contained ZERO info, and basically were a testament to how big the author’s genitalia were.

They were vanity projects providing little useful information.

I learned quickly you can tell, just by looking at the table of contents, whether something might actually help. Read a few randomly chosen paragraphs by flipping the pages, and you’ll prove your hypothesis.

It’s for this reason I chose to write the way I do, because I never wanted to write a piece of non-fiction that was unhelpful. What a total waste of time – on my part and the reader’s! No! My books would have “meat.”

Needless to say, I wanted to share with you a few useful books that have been INCREDIBLY helpful in my journey (all for different reasons, at different times). Below, in order of discovery are the four that stand out as important milestones.

The First Book: Jack Canfield’s THE SUCCESS PRINCIPLES

When I was an AmeriCorps member, I had an AMAZING mentor. She was both my boss and my mentor, and through her, many doors opened. At the time, I didn’t understand what she was doing. She saw something in me – knew something before I knew it – and began grooming me in the Law of Attraction, intention-setting, and many other things. She gave me a copy of a few things, including a DVD of THE SECRET (which was exciting, but not as helpful as I wanted it to be). She also took me to a workshop by Jack Canfield, which was eye-opening.

It was the first time I experienced guided meditation – and also the first time I encountered the possible depths of my clairvoyance.

Excited, I bought a copy of his book, THE SUCCESS PRINCIPLES. I used the techniques in that book to get my husband, among other things. In fact, I still remember the vision board I created with that book…the image was so seared into my brain.

I liked that book so much, I ALMOST bought six months of coaching as a new grad student, but through a fluke (and the courtesy of my bank), it didn’t happen.

To be frank, Jack doesn’t sit well with everyone. I’m not sure he would work for me now, but I can’t deny the powerful imprint this book had on my experience and for this reason, I recommend anyone wanting to experience change should grab a copy.

Thrive: How I Became A SuperheroThe Second Book: THRIVE: HOW I BECAME A SUPERHERO

Content Warning: References rape.

Look, I’d be lying if I didn’t put this memoir on the list. Writing my story of intense resilience and bravery was life-changing. It was a cathartic experience to write and publish this book, and everyone who has read it, feels it.

THRIVE: HOW I BECAME A SUPERHERO is a short read – you can read it in one sitting, though for me, it recounts decades. And at the end of every chapter I give you some take-aways from the experience (because these kinds of books should be intentionally helpful).

This is totally a story about resilience and how despite or more accurately, because of suffering, I became the person I am today. I became a superhero and did incredible things. Just the fact that I was raped in my senior year of college, AND STILL was inducted into several honors societies, graduated cum laude, AND placed 2nd in an oratorical competition (I think in part because the Universe/God knew at the time I needed my ego to stay in check…) while completing a senior thesis as the only woman in class shows I’m an effing goddess.

If you want to learn how to cultivate that level of resilience and power, this book is a good starting place.

The Third Book: Kathrin Zenkina’s UNLEASH YOUR INNER MONEY BABE

This is not rocket science. I wasn’t even sure about buying this book, except I was led to Kathrin’s website and it felt like it was time to take action on something.

UNLEASH YOUR INNER MONEY BABE totally aligns with my principles around self-love – forgiveness, worthiness, and acceptance. It’s one of the easiest step-by-step books you can find to help heal your money story in a short amount of time (21 days?! Yes please!). Depending on how much faith you have in the process, and how much clearing you have to do, this can have powerful ramifications in your life.

I have to say, at the end of the book I didn’t think I’d manifested the $1000, buuut then I looked back over the time, and how things panned out.

Yes. Actually – I did. Mine didn’t come in all at once like some examples from testimonials and in the book (although there were some big chunks), but when I add it up….yes. I did it.

Because it worked for me (and it helped me deal with some issues I didn’t realize I even had!) I have to recommend this book – if you have money blocks, it’s worth the $17 investment (I mean, talk about ROI! 17 to make 1000? Uh…yeah!).

The Fourth Book: Steve Chandler and Rich Litvin’s THE PROSPEROUS COACH

When something comes along questions EVERYTHING you’re doing, it’s a good idea to pay attention.

I debated even writing something this week because of this book. Honestly, I was this close to just closing up everything and going hog-wild with the strategies in this book. It rocked my world that much.

In the end, I decided to write this blog post because of the book.

The reason is THE PROSPEROUS COACH resonated with me on several levels – I knew the strategies and tactics that work for blogs don’t necessarily work for coaching. It seemed right to want to speak to people longer than 30 minutes when talking with a prospective client (I mean, yes I can change someone’s life in 30 minutes, but… what could I do in 60? 90? 120?!?!).

Reading this book was like seeing the world with full Sight for the first time. It was a completely new experience. THE PROSPEROUS COACH was so earth-shattering, it inspired me to go back and reassess my whole plan for my business and lifestyle (and that’s serious because I am super intentional about these things!).

Obviously this book is only for coaches and mentors. It doesn’t speak to anyone else, so if that’s not you, don’t waste your time. BUT I would argue for you to find its equivalent in your field. Find the perfect 5 star rated book (with at least 150 reviews) for your field. If 99.9% of the reviews are 5 stars, you know this is the book you need to read. And it doesn’t matter what it costs. It’s worth the change. 😉

When something comes along that questions EVERYTHING you’re doing, it’s a good idea to pay attention. Click To Tweet

The Bonus Books That Changed My Life

The above four books created changes or momentum in my life, and because the changes (and books responsible) were clear, I shared them as individual books.

But there are other books that fostered MAJOR changes in my life – that drastically shifted my worldview in such a big way I had to include them in this post. But I read them altogether, and they’re more a library than individual texts.

These books will either blow your mind – or make you cringe (and sometimes, both at once!).

The final books that changed my life are ancient religious texts. They’re the teachings of Buddha, Gurus, Rabbis, Mohammad, Jesus, and Yogis. BUT they didn’t work for me in isolation. I read them all at once – and compared them (the result was this book).

While parts of these ancient texts were terrible reflections of a particular human moment (read: misogynist, xenophobic, tribal, hierarchical etc), the principles that guided the central teachings were anything but.

They were universal, total, love.

In this discovery, I experienced a monumental shift in my perception of myself and the world. My intuitive abilities grew exponentially and I found myself in a new world.

Through this I gained not only highly developed intuitive abilities, but also a deep sense of self, profound peace, joy, and love.

You Can Afford A Book!

I don’t care what excuses you have for holding whatever patterns you may have going in your life – you can afford a book. An earth-shattering, horizon-expanding, money-making book is TOTALLY worth the investment.

An earth-shattering, horizon-expanding, money-making book is TOTALLY worth the investment. Click To Tweet

And if for some reason, you are on the most nano of micro budgets, go to your library. It has these things for free. Later when you’ve implemented their amazing strategies, if you want to buy a copy of your own, you can do that.

Though, I will admit, if you have “skin in the game,” you’re more likely to implement the teachings (this is part of the reason why people experience such growth through coaching!).

So… if it is AT ALL possible, buy a copy.

Your transformation is worth it.

You deserve confidence, wellness, and joy!




4 Books That Changed My Life (bringing more love, peace, money, & purpose!)
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