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It’s good to have intentions, but we also need to make sure we don’t get too overwhelmed by everything our intentions “require.”It’s been a month since I scheduled weeks of blog posts and social media posts. That was an intense endeavor and took every ounce of energy from me so I could fully enjoy my time away. In the time after that massive scheduling, I have:

  1. Watched a house
  2. Cared for 2 dogs (that do not belong to me)
  3. Been sick (and cared for a sick little boy)
  4. Had to replace a ruined mattress immediately after returning from vacation
  5. Dealt with a doctor’s office paperwork snaffu
  6. Launched my email challenge
  7. And struggled with jet lag.

My family is JUST now coming back to normal. My posting schedule has been off. My writing schedule has been off. I’ve been stressed and irritable for weeks. And all this was happening while my family was forced to struggle with what we want and our next steps.And on top of that, my spirituality made another leap (which I’ll talk about in a new practical mini-series on meditation) which was both jarring and thrilling.Needless to say, it was a lot all at once (and I’m grateful it’s over!).Keep On Keeping OnAt some point in the middle of this chaos, I decided I would power through. I did the bare minimum each day to maintain and progress. This meant I did about half as much work as I typically do, and did many things at the last minute (a practice I haven’t done for ages). This was all I had energetically. It was all I could afford. At night, I collapsed in bed, sleeping almost immediately.Through this process, I realized a couple of things:

  1. More is not always better.
  2. I need to act more intentionally.

More is not always better.There are a thousand and one things that claim quantity does not mean quality. That said, in the US, we like our meals super-sized, our trucks with extended cabs, our beds Cal King, and our houses McMansions.We don’t do small. We’ve got this thing about being BIG. It’s even more so (ha!) on the West Coast where there’s more space and earthquakes so everyone can s p r e a d  o u t.Sometimes big is good. Like giraffe necks. Those are good. Sometimes more can be helpful. Like being in a big school of fish.But more is not always better.Sometimes more is just more – and when we’re doing something without a goal in mind, who knows if we’ll get the results we’re after? Maybe we’ll just be collapsing in bed at 9:30 every night with only half of what we really wanted to accomplish completed.We could swing to the opposite extreme and simplify to the point of austerity. That is an option – do so little it does, well, nothing. That kind of thinking isn’t going to yield the results we want either (and really, is a kind of “more” thinking, just in a different direction!).Thankfully, there’s a different philosophy we can use in life – balanced intentionality. This is where we choose the middle path – not doing too much or too little, but instead making sure the actions we take lead us toward our intended vision.I need to act more intentionally.I talked about acting with more intention in my intention report for Quarter 3 here and my post here on the two most important questions we need to ask ourselves. It’s that important.It’s so important, I’m once again trimming down my actions because I’m most interested in getting impact – and my current choices have not been bringing me the results I’d like.Because I haven’t been getting the results I wanted, I’m changing my actions. Rather than blogging three times a week, I’m going to blog once weekly. This will let me batch my work, plan and schedule my posts well in advance, as well as free up valuable time to work on other things (like social media scheduling, live video question and answer sessions, collaborations with other coaches and writers etc).I reserve the right to throw a random post somewhere at some point (as in two posts in a week), but for the most part, look for posts from me on Mondays.I think this serves me best – and therefore you. It’s a way I can love myself better, live my message better, and therefore, love and serve you better.If you want more from me, I really recommend you join the Love the Unloveable Challenge which gives you a taste of some awesome daily practices, plus access to a loving community (and of course, my live video question & answer sessions!). Click to join now!Have some thoughts about creating balance? Leave a comment below!

How I Finally Balanced My Intentions & Needs
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