How to Get a Powerful Breakthrough - A Breakthrough Case StudyI’ve talked a bit about my breakthrough rate (100%! BAM!) but some people might wonder what I mean when I talk about a breakthrough.

Breakthroughs can happen in all kinds of ways.

They happen as bigger obvious things – like getting 8000 daily views on your blog after having only about 100 or so in a couple of days (one client of mine), but they can be “small” too.

When I say small, what I really mean is “less visible.” Because the reality is, any kind of breakthrough involves serious transformation from a place of stuckness to a place of movement.

They can be gaining access to something that previously wasn’t available – like a conversation with someone who HAPPENS to be the PERFECT person for you to talk to. And this “little” thing then leads to “big” things, like planning to open a shop together.

That’s how breakthroughs work.

A Breakthrough Case Study

Now, I’ve had a lot of clients have powerful breakthroughs, but I think my favorite breakthrough case study is a recent client of mine, Charli Mills. She went from “wanting a desk” (this was literally her concern when we began working together) to having a plan of action for her book, making perfect connections for the next phase of her business, and getting to a place of peace with things in her personal life.

Charli came to me in a pretty unstable place. She’d gone through a lot of personal and professional transitions in the last few years that had been pretty difficult. When she came to me she had 3 things she wanted help with – she wanted a space to work (a desk in particular), a plan for Carrot Ranch (her literary community), and a way to get into a good spot with her novels.

What Happened

Needless to say, we TOTALLY blew it out of the water!

She went from feeling unsettled and unsure, to having a plan of action in EVERY place in her life. She was LIGHTYEARS away from where she started. Not only did Charli get her desk, but she got a complete work area (part of it gifted to her in the first week of us working together!). She was able to drill down to her ideal audiences for Carrot Ranch and gain crystal clarity on a marketing plan that felt exciting and joyful for her. Charli also formulated a solid plan of action for her writing, editing, and marketing of her own work that felt natural and right for where she wants to go and do. It was so thorough and solid, she had it down for the following months after our coaching contract ended.

She also got connected with a secondary coach (completely gratis!) who could help her with business planning and visioning in her local area. Charli also uncovered several NEW potential revenue streams plus connected with additional organizations and people that were perfect for exploring next steps in those directions.

AND Charli was ALSO able to come to a place of peace about several personal issues during this time as well!

All this happened in three months time. Three. Months. That’s all it took to completely transform her experience!

How did this happen?

It was through REGULAR introspection and reflection. I asked her to dive deep into her experience and she did. Charli answered tough questions and reconsidered things in ways that forced her to stretch and grow.

And it didn’t hurt that I used Spirit to tell her the messages she needed to hear exactly when she needed to hear them to give her that extra boost to take inspired action.

I also had her do regular practices to help her transform her heartset and mindset about various things going on in her life which helped her maintain her vision by feeling good about her now.

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This could be you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re writing a book or not. It could be any project going on in your life. It could be any personal block that you’re trying to overcome (and they’re very often connected!).

The fact is, you could experience this same kind of transformation. You could move from unsettled and unsure stuckness to a place of powerful and joyful movement.

If this at all resonates with you, please reach out to me and tell me a little about your situation. You don’t have to stay in a holding pattern. You can make PROFOUND movement in a short time and experience some of this breakthrough magic FAST.

Everyone deserves this kind of breakthrough. Why not you?

Reach out below!

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How to Get A Powerful Breakthrough
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