Heavenly Intuition: Intuitives, God, & Why We're HereThink there’s no such thing as “heavenly intuition?” Think again. If anything, I would say all intuition is heavenly intuition.

I’ll explain in a minute.

But first, because I got a LOT of positive feedback on my coming out of the spiritual closet post, I felt like it was a good idea for me to share my spiritual understanding (a.k.a. why this intuitive stuff actually works with religion and is in fact, ESSENTIAL to our goal as human beings!).

SO… I’m going to share my own experience and understanding on this topic. These are MY beliefs/experiences with Spirit and the result of years of academic and personal study. They do not reflect anyone else’s or any other organization’s (but as far as I’m concerned… they’re true).

The Nature of God

God = Universe = Great Spirit = Source = Creator

Whatever WORD you prefer, use that. It’s all good. We have limits to our words and so when you speak to me using any of these words I will equate them with all the others.

For me there is no difference. It’s the same impossible concept. I say impossible because, it’s outside of our limitations as humans. My mind cannot comprehend infinity. I cannot get it. I’m comfortable with this, and so I’m comfortable with using whatever words I can to grasp at Divinity.

Now when I say impossible concept, I mean infinity. I mean the source of all things – the beginning AND the end. And what is this impossible thing? Love incarnate. It is the force of all things, and everything, ultimately is moved by this Love. Really.

I’ve felt that universal interconnection – and it was pure love.

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The Nature of Heaven

sunrise over the sierras

Heaven = Enlightenment = Moksha = Paradise.

Again, the words are different because our limited humanity struggles to name an impossible concept. There are so few words that get at this, and yet, we try because they are important.

So use the word you like. For this conversation, I’ll use Heaven.

Because the Universe is love and connection, Heaven is the state of connectedness. It’s a way of experiencing existence that acknowledges and understands how truly interconnected we are.

When you experience a transcendental meditation, you experience Heaven right now. When you do a quick mindfulness meditation, you experience Heaven right now. If you reach a state of “flow” where everything feels natural and comes easily, you experience Heaven right now.

Love, abundance, joy, peace, and freedom in their purest forms are all aspects and reflections of Heaven.

It’s not that far away – reachable in the space of a moment – if you choose it.

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The Nature of Hell

woman crouched near water (Pixabay)Hell = Hell

For some reason we don’t struggle with this concept across different traditions. The word is clear. This experience is easy for us to understand, and it will make sense why in a second.

Hell is the state of disconnection. It is the point where we do not see ourselves as part of the Universe. We feel like there is nothing tying us to one another. Things do not come easily. Everything is a struggle because we feel alone.

Why is this concept so easy for us to understand? Because it is one we observe. We think our bodies are separate from our environment, from one another, and so we think we can be alone at any given moment. It appears that we are disconnected – that no interconnection exists – at first glance.

We let that story of disconnection get so large in our heads, we think only of disconnection and struggle.

There’s no need for fire, demons, or any such thing. We are much better torturers of ourselves than any outside entity could be!

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Switching Back and Forth

All of us have experienced both states in life. Some of us experience Heaven more, whereas others experience Hell more. It’s okay. It’s no problem. That’s how living is set up.

You can ALWAYS choose to switch your state. There’s no “once you’re there, you’re always there” business. There’s no need for punishment or even reward. It’s the work of an instant.

I know this is a controversial understanding, especially for people who have grown up thinking that people need to be punished. Honestly, after having my own experience of Heaven and communion with God, I know the ability to switch is built into the system. There’s no Divine desire for punishment, though many people (and Spiritual beings) may feel that need (I’ll explain more in the next section.).

Angels and Demons

reclining angel statue (Pixabay)I’m not even going to go into the possible words you can use for each of these, because we’d be here three months from now counting the different possible labels…

As such…

Oh my God – why the eff are we even worried about these beings?! I honestly don’t know! Their states don’t change the goal of the human journey! But, because it bears repeating (and is such a scary thing for people), I will explain why I feel this way.

Just like any person can be in a state of Heaven or Hell, so can a different dimensional being. Choice is choice is choice and every part of Creation has an element of choice, and therefore can change state (Heaven or Hell).

Yes, I’ve seen both “sides” of this, and a whole lot in between. It doesn’t worry me or bother me.

I don’t label beings in a state of Hell as demons, but rather call them “broken.” Likewise, I call beings in a state of Heaven, “whole.” I call them this because when I encounter a broken spirit, I am able to transform them with energetic healing. When I shower them with that energy, they either transform before me, or leave because they’re not ready.

As a result, I never worry or wonder. I have complete control over my spiritual experience (and so, sweet reader, do you!).

Revealing Jesus

Okay, so let’s take a look at the Christian revelation, which is the person of Jesus. For Christianity, the only thing that matters is the life and teachings of Jesus. Everything else is window-dressing. The question is, do Jesus’ life and teachings work with this understanding of Heaven and Hell?

Uh… YES. Yes. Yes. Emphatically YES!

It makes PERFECT sense. Go back and read some gospels and you’ll start to see how this works. The more you read, the more you will see these added layers:

“I’ll be with my Father in Heaven…” – of course you’d be with God in Heaven, because Heaven is a state of interconnection which is God.

“Your Kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven…” as in, you can experience this awesomeness RIGHT NOW if you get with the program!

The popular conceptions of Heaven and Hell actually come from other places than the Bible. Arguably, these ideas were used because it was, especially in generations past, difficult to explain an abstract state.

It’s much easier to explain to someone they’ll go to a place with singing and clouds, and all good things if they are a good person. Likewise, it’s much easier to explain to someone they’ll end up in a physical place of fire and torment than acknowledge the reality that Hell could be where they are right now!

Most people can’t handle the fact that their choices might be preventing them from experiencing Heaven right now – it’s much more comfortable to say “The Devil made me do it!”

Jesus is all about active love. Compassion is central to his message. If you can get your heart, mind, and spirit into that space, you’ll be amazed at what you can experience in this life.

Alexis Donkin, Intuitive Life CoachHeavenly Intuition

Why would there be people who have a deeper connection to Spirit? What is the purpose of that connection?

It’s to help them and everyone else get to Heaven. Really. This is the goal. The goal on Earth is to get to that Heavenly interconnected state now. Period.

Intuitives can help do this because they have a “direct line” as it were. They see, hear, feel, smell, know things the average person cannot. Intuitives are able to bring healing and guidance at levels that society is just not able to do, because intuitives deal with Spirit.

They are spiritual helpers on Earth. That is their purpose. That purpose manifests in various ways, places, and times, but it is still their purpose.

If they are doing ANYTHING else or working against this purpose, you know what state they’re in (or leaning towards at that point in any case!).

SO intuitives actively fulfilling their purpose are the friends of religion and all Spiritual practice – because all major religious paths have this as their central goal (to help everyone reach the ideal Heavenly state). In some ways you can think of them as doulas or midwives for your Spiritual rebirthing/awakening.

What this all means for you…

If you’re an intuitive, awesome! Now you know your more general purpose (which you probably already had an idea of anyway). You also know religious communities and organizations would do well to work with you (and for you to work with them). It’s also a good idea to connect with other intuitives as much as you can so that your work can compliment and enrich one another’s.

For those who are not intuitive, it’s okay to see an intuitive if you want to. It’s okay to go to church AND see an intuitive. You should absolutely make use of all the spiritual tools at your disposal to get into that magical Heavenly state. And don’t worry about what other people think – because you’re focused on your journey.

Once you can reach Heaven and can do it on the regular, that’s when it’s time to concern yourself with others. If you can’t help yourself, you can’t help others. Do the self-work, then do the community work. You’ll be WAY more effective.

And Heavenly. 😀

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Heavenly Intuition: Intuitives, God, and Why We’re Here
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