The Beginner's Intuitive Services Guide - Why buy them and what to expect!If you’re looking to change your life, you may have come across intuitive services.

There are a number of ways to connect with love and intention for yourself. If you feel stuck, you may not be able to navigate your way through.

Sometimes you just need someone else to look at your life. That person could be a counselor or a psychologist. They could be a clergy person or a coach.

But they could also be an intuitive.

Or any combination of the above.

What are intuitive services?

Intuitive services vary. Instead of scientific reasoning to understand a problem like in psychology or even coaching, intuitive services use spiritual and intuitive ways of knowing (i.e. clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance, among others).

There are two general service areas within intuitive services – guidance and healing.

Because my work is primarily in guidance and I think it’s the least understood (for some reason I think people are more comfortable getting Reiki than a tarot reading) this guide will focus on guidance.

Why pay for intuitive services?

If you value something, you pay for it in some way. It supports someone’s livelihood and shows that you value them (and the energy spent perfecting their craft!).

Hobbyist v. Professional

So yes, you could go out and find a free intuitive reading somewhere. In fact, there are Facebook groups where you can do this. There might be a Meetup somewhere in your area where this is a possibility.

And to be honest, the reading might be good. I’ve seen some awesome free readings in these groups. There are good people with intuitive abilities who do free readings as part of a hobby.

Just as there are good hobby mechanics, there are good hobby intuitives.

You might take your car to get its oil changed by your hobby mechanic friend, but if you need to diagnose that weird sound, your friend might be able to tell you what’s wrong (and they might be right). But they probably won’t be able to fix it because there are limits to what a hobby mechanic can do – like not having the right tools and experience of a professional.Lapis and citrine that might be used by an intuitve.

Free Readings with Ill intent?

Then there are also people who do free intuitive readings because they don’t feel good enough – they don’t feel worthy – to get paid.

The worthiness issue is poop. By not paying them, you’re reinforcing their story of not being good enough. It’s a real disservice to people with this personal story (though don’t blame yourself – it’s something they need to work through). So do everyone a favor and insist on paying them, or find a professional!

But the “unworthy” free reader isn’t the worst. Worse is the reader who isn’t actually an intuitive but something much more terrible.

There are those who are consciously shamming people and those who are subconsciously doing it. And whether they are conscious or not of their sham, they come in two forms.

First there are energy vampires (it is a thing unfortunately) – someone who looks to get close and kind of siphon off your energy. They may be aware of it or not. People looking for intuitive counsel are often easy prey for this, especially those with empathic traits.

The other kind is more dangerous. These are narcissists. The most successful will disguise themselves as professionals, but there are a fair amount that are not successful and claim to have all kinds of traits (it feeds their ego). If the free reader doesn’t have a website or presence online, you may not be able to tell who they are. They may get some things right and then miss terribly – or just play to what you want to hear. Through their wrong reads they will try to bring you in – which is a place you do NOT want to go (for more on narcissists in spiritual circles check out this post).

Just go to a professional.

So yes. You could get a free reading, BUT getting a free reading does NO one any favors.

Why? Because it tells the reader they aren’t important, their skills aren’t important (which they likely developed through decades of study), and you may or may not heed what they have to share with you. That is not to even touch the issue of whether this person is the genuine article (you have no way to know – you may run into an energy vampire or narcissist!).

Instead, it is better to show you value the intuitive skills being used. Paying these highly skilled people is the most loving thing you could do.

It is for all these reasons and the fact I love and value myself that I do not offer intuitive services for free (i.e. I practice what I preach!).

What can you expect?

Different intuitives do readings differently. There are a few reasons for this.

Different intuitives have different skills.

Say you come across two track stars. Both are great runners, but each has different skills in running. One may be excellent at sprinting. The other RULES at long-distance. They’re still both runners, but their abilities in running vary.

The same can be said with intuitives. There are MANY intuitive abilities involving anything from the classic medium (talking to people who have passed), to the more subtle empath (feeling your emotions etc). Most intuitives have a combination of traits which they use together.woman meditating, intuitive services preparation

Different intuitives have different traditions.

Different intuitives have different spiritual traditions which shape the way their traits manifest (and how they use them). For example there are, contrary to what you may have heard, Christian intuitives. Some of them function deep within the conservative movement, embracing their abilities and calling them “spiritual gifts” just as other intuitives do. Others come from a more Hindu perspective and talk about chakras. Still others use Taoist understandings, discussing meridians and chi.

Unless an intuitive is deeply attached to a tradition for some reason (read: conservative Christian or similar), they will embrace practices as speak to them, picking and choosing what works no matter its origins. They may do this and continue to call a faith tradition home, or not.

All of these things shape the experience of you – the person being read! This means while some things may feel similar (i.e. words used, structure of a reading), no two intuitives will read in the same way.

The Structure of Readings

The thing that DOES stay the same between one reader and another is the structure.

An intuitive will do some kind of preparation before a reading. This could involve cleansing a space where the reading will occur, meditating, lighting a candle, or other practices the intuitive uses to get into “the zone” to connect with Spirit.

When the intuitive feels connected, they will use their method of choice – which could be anything from looking at a client with second sight, to asking for a small object of meaning, or pulling cards from a deck.

The actual reading will take very little time. The interpretation is what will spend the bulk of the 30 minutes to an hour session. If you were getting a written or email reading, expect it to take about the same amount of time.

At the end, the reader will likely have a closing. This could be a bit of a cleansing or a simple phrase (almost like a benediction if you’re from the Christian tradition). This is to signal the session is finished.

When the client has left or during closing, the intuitive will sever their connection to Spirit, practice grounding, and cleansing their spirit and or space as part of self-care.

Results from Readings

I want to share with you a few people’s experience who I helped using my intuitive abilities (combined with coaching). Shawna blogged about a session we had together that transformed her experience and jump started her writing life – having writing pieces accepted after radio silence for months (you can read it here)! Raymond had his blog go from a few hundred views a day to over 8000 in two! His blog is on fire because of one session!

This goes to show if you take action based on intuitive guidance, it is possible for amazing things to happen! The insight you gain from such a session is worth every penny!A sample reading using my handmade oracle deck

Intuitive Readings v. Coaching

Like coaching, intuitive readings are involved. They require scheduling and have limited availability. Readings are based on intuitive skills and abilities, rather than the analytical perspective of coaching (though there is some overlap in their approaches). They work well for those with a more spiritual or open-minded perspective who may be looking for greater clarity or insight into a deep issue or general life issue. Readings could center on issues related to relationships, life direction, particular blocks, challenges, or general wellness concerns.

It just depends on you – the person being read – and where you need more clarity. You could even have a reading based on an open-ended intention like, “What do I need to know?” or “What’s the most important thing for me to do now?”

Unlike other kinds of coaches, an intuitive life coach might include readings in their work. For example, a session might include an oracle card reading, energy/aura reading, channeling, medium work, or another intuitive reading. Any of these can augment and enhance a coaching experience.

Note: A variety of readings may be designed as part of a coaching package with me. If you are  interested in me doing a personal reading for you, I’d recommend scheduling a time to talk about a coaching package here. I currently only offer mini oracle consultations for non-coaching clients, which can be purchased here.

Intuitive Answers – A Special Kind of Reading

Since I was 12 years old, people asked me for guidance on specific issues. Even before completing this post, I had several people seeking guidance on a variety of issues. This is what I do and have done for decades – it’s one of the reasons I became an intuitive life coach. But what if a person doesn’t feel comfortable seeking coaching? What if they don’t want a full reading or card spread? What if they just have a single question they want answered?

That is perfect for an intuitive answer.

An intuitive answer uses all the intuitive abilities and skill sets available to the reader. For example, I might use clairvoyance, clairsentience, and energy reading to answer your question (for my full abilities you can read my intuitive journey here). I use my life experience (musical, artistic, written, academic, cultural, business, and ethical) as well as my intuitive abilities.

For those who have a very specific block or issue and need an intuitively guided response (this is particularly good if you need insight on a project, creative endeavor, or relationship), you may purchase an intuitive answer here.

Things to Consider

Keep in mind, intuitive readings and answers are not predictive. These are meant as guidance on choices that best serve you.

My intention for all of my clients – no matter what service or product I provide – is to serve their highest good. I am not responsible for any choices you make as a result of my responses or readings. I am not a financial advisor, medical practitioner, or psychologist. By paying for these services you acknowledge and accept this.

No reader can promise anything (myself included!), because ultimately what happens is a result of the choices you make. You are responsible for your experience in life, and that often means doing the hard work of shifting your heart and mind. I offer guidance in how to do that, and these services may aid you in your specific experience, but the action is yours.

The question is, what will you do?

Get more love!

Not sure what services are right for you? Let’s chat! Schedule a time here!

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The Beginner’s Intuitive Services Guide (why buy them and what to expect!)
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