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Reconnect with this mindfulness exercise (and see the universal in the everyday!)Many of us are distracted by life – our minds are elsewhere. We are in fact, mindless. That’s why a mindfulness exercise can make such a difference – it puts you back in your experience and allows you to reconnect, not only to yourself, but to the world around you.

The universe is right in front of you – beside you – within you. And it’s all connected in one universal consciousness.

It’s like the breastplate of St. Patrick.

Actually, it’s exactly like that.

Every single thing buzzes with creation. It’s all singing and shining in color. Every single thing is filled with this star stuff.

Scientifically we are star stuff. Of course. We are all made of the same things – elemental particles and atoms – recombined and reassembled. Reformed and fashioned into different shapes and sizes like so much fancy clay and mud.

Like Universal play-dough.

We are all made of the same things - elemental particles and atoms – recombined and reassembled. Click To Tweet

Because I see that, when I’m walking around, I notice things. Birds singing. Kids playing. Bugs buzzing. I notice even small subtle things like a bit of sand or a snail, and how nuanced and beautiful they are. This art of mindfulness makes life a delight – when I’m noticing the beautiful ways things have been fashioned.

But I didn’t always see it this way. I didn’t always know about this Universal play-dough. In fact, it’s really common.

Reasons You’re “Mindless”

A lot of people struggle to see the magic of the everyday. They struggle to see the beauty of now and experience the wonders of the present. And they feel disconnected. They feel so incredibly disconnected from themselves, and one another.

But what causes this? What gets in the average person’s way of experiencing these beautiful connections?

For starters, it can be hard to do if you’re feeling:

  • overwhelmed
  • angry
  • jealous
  • ashamed
  • guilty
  • distracted
  • etc…etc…

Pretty much if you’re feeling badly, it’s harder to see the magic of life right in front of you. This isn’t to say that negative emotions don’t have a place – they DO! It’s just they can make it difficult for you to see things right in front of you.

But that’s not the only way you might have trouble. There are other things that can get in the way.

If you’ve never been trained to see the awesome around you, but to focus on the next thing, it may be harder for you to see magic right now. This could mean you’re looking for the next big ACCOMPLISHMENT, or you’re imagining your FUTURE so strongly, it kind of backfires and makes NOW feel…well..poopy.

Another possibility is when you’re stuck in the past. Being in the past, you’re going to have a tough time seeing the beauty and wonder of the present. This might be you if you’re thinking about how great another time in life was – a golden time in your life that is no more. It could also be you if you’re holding the past over you (think: mistakes, regrets, resentments, etc).

So how do you get to a place where you CAN see it? where you ARE connected?

The Quick and Dirty Eye Opener (a.k.a. Mindfulness Exercise)

You need to get still long enough to notice the wonderful now. By seeing that wonderful now, you can begin to see a bigger picture – even when you’re focused on the “small.”

This is because when you are present, magic happens.

There are a few ways you can get yourself MORE present and able to see things around you for what they are. The easiest and fastest is this little “Eye Opener” exercise:

  1. Sit down somewhere – anywhere you like. [Note: It’s better to choose a good feeling place if you’re feeling a little poopy. If you’re already feeling pretty good, it isn’t as important where you are!]
  2. Look around until you notice something interesting to you. It’s best if it’s within physical reach, but it can be anything.
  3. Notice everything about this thing – engage as many of your senses as possible.
  4. Relish the experience (and if you like, tell someone about it!).

Reconnect to the Universal with Mindfulness

This little exercise works because it forces you to stop what you’re doing and spend time in the now. When you spend time, fully present in now, you get still. Getting still allows you to see all the miracles around you and FEEL the connections between things.

You don’t STOP being connected from everything that IS just because you FEEL like you aren’t.

You don't STOP being connected from everything that IS just because you FEEL like you aren't. Click To Tweet

It’s like saying, “Oh, I just don’t feel like the sky is blue… it feels chartreuse today…” I assure you, the sky is still blue.

Or like saying, “I feel like I just spawned from the air…” as opposed to having been born. Nope. We all came from a woman.

The same is true for that universal connection – it remains. Just sometimes we forget it’s there and we need a reminder. We just need a little mindfulness to get back to ourselves.

We Are Universal Star Stuff (a.k.a. Play-dough)

Potter hands shaping clay on throwing wheelWhen I look around as I’m writing this, I feel that universal star stuff. I can hear the table singing and feel my cells buzzing. It’s all play-dough, and yet it’s all different.

Also, it’s all good. Really.

Someone recently asked me about death. They were concerned about what happens after we die, and for many people this is a legitimate concern. Heck, I was afraid of it when I was denying my abilities. When you don’t have a deep connection to spirit (or ahem, you’re denying it), it can be frightening to think existence could just end.

Fortunately ending isn’t the way the Universe works. Things transition. Death is just another word for change. The body ceases to function as it did before – it stops being in configuration, and turns into something else. It becomes food for the plants, who become food for animals and people, and the cycle continues.

The consciousness meanwhile, goes off and does its own thing – at once individual, AND part of the collective that is Universal.

We smash the dough creation, roll it into a ball, and we can put it away or we can make something new. But the play-dough remains, and the creative consciousness that is us remains.

Because play-dough.

This is the way EVERYTHING in life works. One thing “dies” and it becomes another. When we pause to notice the particular form of a thing in now, we’re admiring a moment. We’re admiring this moment.

“This is one ROCKING play-dough sculpture!”

“This is one ROCKING play-dough sculpture!” #mindfulness #oneness Click To Tweet


See how much better that feels? It’s fun! Just talking about these things like they’re play-dough makes things really amazing and giggly.

It’s all about your frame of mind.

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Reconnect with this Mindfulness Exercise (and see the universal in the everyday)
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