It was after the oratory competition. I was sitting down with some other finalists. The top three of us had our pictures taken. A judge came over to me.

“Your topic was difficult – overdone – and for that, you did an excellent job.”

What was my topic? Love. My topic was love.

His words hit me like a punch in the gut. It wasn’t that I was upset for myself – I wasn’t. I didn’t care about me. I hadn’t done the speech for me. I prayed during the writing of my speech and before I gave it. In fact, I dedicated the speech to God – that Divine Will be done through my speech.

And I knew I was getting second place. I knew it before I even got up to speak. I knew it with absolute certainty. So when my name was called for second place, I wasn’t surprised. Instead, I smiled, whispering, “Thank you.”

My ego wasn’t hurt by the judge’s comment. In fact, I saw it as a compliment to my abilities. The thing that shocked me was the idea that love is overdone.

Clearly, love is NOT overdone, otherwise our world would be a very different place.

Playing Telephone

Get writing!

Until a message is received, it is not overdone. And this one – love – continues to be misheard. It continues to be miscommunicated.

It’s like playing a game of telephone. The first time the message is spoken, it is pretty clear. Yet as it goes down the line of players, it grows more garbled. Sometimes, several players will intentionally garble the message, or change it entirely.

I hope you see how this applies to real life – to religion, culture, and politics.

We’re in a giant game of telephone. The message is communicated, and many of us want the original message, but some don’t. Some intentionally garble it, or pretend it was a completely different message, passing it off as the words of the original messenger.

My point is, there is ALWAYS space for another voice. There is increased clarity when more people share a certain message. The more people who speak good messages, the more people can hear it clearly. It’s as if we cut the telephone line, and everyone had only two or three people in their telephone game.

Suddenly our chances of hearing the original message grow. The game telephone doesn’t work with only two or three people. The message at the end will be the original verbatim.

While that isn’t ideal for the game, it is PERFECT for life.

Intentional Writing

Want me to help you with your story? Click here.

All this is to say, if you have a message in your heart – a story you need to share, become an Intentional Writer. Write your story down. Get it published (or publish it yourself). Have faith in the message. If you have a story bubbling inside you, you were chosen to deliver it.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, let me recommend a few things:

  • Join the Intentional Writer Group on Facebook. Use it like a mastermind, share your writing journey, and get the support you need from others walking the path.

  • Not sure how to start? Start with the story that’s been bugging you. Just sit down and write 1000 words a day (or a paragraph – but write something!).

  • Here are the tools I’m using these days, and most of them are free (outside of the obvious computer).

  • Are you finished with a manuscript but not sure where to go from there? Check out this helpful post about editing here.

  • Have a deadline for publication and you have no idea how to promote? Check out this post about promotion.

  • A little more intermediate? Check out these posts on speaking, newsletters, and viral blog posts!

If you need consistent help with writing goals, I really recommend picking up a copy of The Essential Author Log here. It takes the tactics and strategies I use for productivity and puts them into an easy to use tool for anyone to achieve their writing goals.

I share these things because I am so committed to other Intentional Writers getting their messages out there. It doesn’t matter what anyone says – your message is NOT overdone. If it’s bubbling inside you, it NEEDS to get out.

If you’re struggling with self-doubt, anxiety, or unworthiness around your story, reach out for a free coaching session! There is no obligation and space is limited! Do. Not. Wait! Contact me here!

The Truth About Stories (and why you need to keep writing!)
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