Using Crystals in Your Spiritual PracticeWondering about using crystals? Just how can they be useful? Using crystals in your spiritual practice can be easy and fun! As a tool, crystals can make a variety of work easier – from meditating to gaining mental clarity. They can even be worn on your body to assist in your daily life!

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Before we go any further, I need to let you know, crystals were not something I thought I would ever use.



Before my spiritual awakening, I thought anyone using crystals was kind of a “whack job,” to be perfectly frank. And I may have used those words at that time (Note: Now I wouldn’t call someone a name like that unless I was super cranky, tired, and hungry all at once – you can read why here!).

What could a rock possibly do to help you heal your body? How could a shiny crystal change your mindset? It made ZERO sense to me.

It made zero sense to my husband too. In fact, “crystals” was often code for “nuts.”

And then I had my spiritual awakening, and slowly, but surely, I found myself looking at rocks again.

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Rock hounding, Collecting, and Spirituality

First, I need to confess – as a child I had a significant rock collection. Like, cover the window sill, a whole shelf completely covered level of rock collection.

Second, I need to confess that before I understood what I was doing, I had a collection of polished rocks and pure minerals displayed in my room following Feng Shui principles.

AFTER my spiritual awakening, looking back I can see how I was using crystals and why I was doing it. At the time, however, I didn’t understand what my interest in rocks had to do with spirituality.

But for someone with intuitive gifts, it has everything to do with spirituality.

The Nature of Things

Every single thing in existence has an energy or spiritual signature. Everything. The more connected a thing is to a system, the bigger the signature.

For example, even though my quilt was made by people, I feel the cotton of the fabric, the hands involved in its creation, and finally the history of its use. But it doesn’t have a spirit the way other things do. It’s not connected to the Earth that way. It’s not a living being.

Food carries its own energy signature too – not just the empirical calories from an item, but all the spiritual energies that connected with it during its processing. This is why many people prefer to have high plant-based diets from small local producers– because of the positive energies involved in the production of the food. Not only does the food hold residual energies from its packaging etc, but also from the living plant.

But what if something was not living in the way a plant or animal lives, and yet was deeply connected to the natural world? What would that signature look like?

And this is where rocks come in.

Earth Processes

My rock-hounded jasper chunk!Many places the earth is quiet. It doesn’t move a lot. Few places have active volcanoes or excitable plates. But they did once. And all that energy – all that creative spirit lodged somewhere.

Yep. You can find it in the rocks themselves.

Each rock has a particular spirit to it – a certain kind of energy calling back to its creation, but also its memories and the history around it.

While there may be some tendencies with particular kinds of rocks (after all – hematite shares qualities with all other pieces of hematite!), each piece is unique because of its journey, geography, and history.

For example, I have a huge block of obsidian I got the last time I visited the Grizzly. It feels SOOOooooo good. Yes, I know obsidian is supposed to have certain kinds of spiritual properties…BUT this piece is just SO incredibly loving. It feels like a warm, protective hug to me.

What Rocks Do (and Don’t)

I think there’s a lot of misunderstanding about using crystals in spiritual circles.

A crystal can be an aid, but it is NOT the end all be all of things. It cannot cure cancer, get you to suddenly astral project, read minds, or other extreme things.

Crystals are not gods. They aren’t elementals. A person shouldn’t worship a crystal as that would be a waste of energy and time.

Crystals are tools.

They can amplify gifts you already have. Crystals can help you focus your practice. With their particular qualities, they may assist you in reaching a certain level of understanding.

Just like a prism can be used to separate the colors of light or a magnifying glass can be used to focus light intensely enough to start fire, crystals and rocks can be used to manipulate Spirit.

Crystals are NOT necessary to a spiritual practice. A rock will not make you a good meditator just like having fancy sneakers won’t make you a better runner. It may, however, make it a little more comfortable or easier in your practice.

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Some Rocks I like (and use fairly regularly)

Even though I didn’t THINK I would end up using crystals in my spiritual practice, I DO use them now on a fairly regular basis.

When I started using rocks, I used them individually as my intuition led me. As I came to know the personalities and qualities of each specimen, I began combining them to increase their effects. I did not follow any particular “recipe” or “guide” in how to combine them, but rather used my knowledge of my particular stones, as well as my intuition and internal guidance.

In no particular order, these are the stones I use on a regular basis:

  • Labradorite – I got a small piece of this iridescent stone and used this A LOT when I began developing my clairvoyance.
  • Earth Heart Stone – This is a particular stone I was gifted. I tend to use this for meditation and healing work. You can read about it here.
  • Citrine – I use my Brazilian natural piece a lot. I used to carry this in my pocket, but now I use it when talking with clients.
  • Kyanite – I used this rough pale blue stone a few times to reach higher realms and recently began using it when working with clients.
  • Lapis Lazuli – This blue stone used to go in my pocket, but now I use it for client work.
  • Jasper – I have a few different pieces of jasper (yellow, red, and brown) I like to work with. The newest is a piece I picked up from the Grizzly which reminds me of a desert sunset. I’ve used this for meditation as well working with clients.
  • Obsidian – I have a small rough piece I used a few times, but it never quite felt connected to me (maybe some trauma in its journey?). The large chunk I recently acquired, however, feels like we were made to be together. It’s a very active piece and feels like a shield of love every time I step into its presence.
  • Amethyst – No collection would be complete without a bit of this! The piece I have is actually on a necklace/pendulum my husband gifted me. I only wear it when speaking with clients with “clingy” energy. Sometimes I’ll just keep it near me when speaking with someone.

All of these stones (plus others) sit on display in my room where I can see them at any time.

How I Use Crystals

There are a lot of different ways people might use crystals. As with all processes in my spiritual life, I feel the simplest is the best.

If I’m working with a client and feel the assistance of one of my stones would be helpful, I just take it out to where I am while I’m talking with the client. Then I set the intention to have it assist me while using the crystal.

I have recently begun asking them for their help when I do this – I feel it’s a bit more polite and helps me stay mindful of the extra focusing power of the stones involved. When I finish, I send thoughts of gratitude to the stones and wash them with Source energy.

Typically I get happy thoughts back from them afterwards (Who doesn’t like bathing in love?!).

When meditating, I will typically hold a stone in my hand and allow my consciousness to sink into the stone, almost like it’s a portal. This is particularly helpful when I’m looking to experience a vision.

For healing assistance, I’d place the stone near the area that needs extra help OR the place where the stone has the greatest impact. For example, I always place the Earth Heart Stone on my heart center, even if I’m using its energy for another area of the body/spirit.

Some Thoughts on Jewelry

Me wearing my new labradorite earrings!I did not think about how crystal jewelry might impact me until recently.

For some time I’d been thinking I’d like labradorite jewelry – earrings in particular. I’d never seen someone use that stone in jewelry so I wasn’t sure it was possible to find (Now I know people use it all the time and there are some awesome pieces, but before I hadn’t really looked for it!).

Not too long after I felt that urge, I found myself in a unique gift exchange with a jewelry designer (The Elegant Bead) who worked with many stones, including labradorite. The earrings I received ended up being a custom-made pair, better than I could have imagined!

I’m not sure why the earrings needed to be labradorite, but they did. For some reason I felt led to have this unique stone on my person – and I’m so glad I can now!

Note: The Elegant Bead didn’t pay me to mention these earrings or anything – the gift exchange was no strings attached! I just loved the earrings so much I wanted to talk with you about them and highlight her awesome work!

Around the same time, my husband got me mystic (or fire) topaz earrings. Again, I told him I liked the stone, but I hadn’t thought about the effect of wearing it.

I love both sets of earrings. They feel very different to wear, not only because of the different styles and the nature of each gift, but because of the stones themselves.Austrian crystal and labradorite earrings

Just as free stones have an effect because of their qualities, jewelry pieces can affect the wearer. Some of it may be due to the stone’s particular history, or qualities, but it could also be from the history of the overall jewelry piece.

Whatever the case, the mystic topaz make me feel glamorous and precise, whereas the labradorite make me feel magical and stately. I don’t consciously connect with the stones as I move through my day wearing them, but I’m sure they impact me based on my interactions with stones.

Try It Out

I’m not going to suggest you go get a ton of different crystals and rock specimens UNLESS you feel led to do it.

But if you have genuine crystals and rocks available to you, or you just really like a few river rocks – spend a little time working with them to see how it feels. Test out how you feel wearing one piece of genuine stone jewelry versus another (keeping in mind, there are many variables that might influence your feelings – and it’s all okay!).

Also be aware that different stones may just make you feel FABULOUS regardless of its other qualities. In that case, it’s a great way to up your worthiness story (which has all kinds of positive effects!).

No matter how you choose to interact with them, pay attention to your feelings and enjoy!

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Using Crystals in Your Spiritual Practice
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