What An Intuitive Life Coach Does All Day (from waking to sleeping, plus tips and tricks for intuitives!)It might surprise you to find out what an intuitive life coach does everyday (or maybe not!). You may be wondering what someone like me does, and how I schedule my day. And then of course, you might wonder how an intuitive person makes it through different parts of life intact because let’s face it – we’re a sensitive bunch! Sensitivity requires a LOT of self-care.

Over the years I’ve gotten VERY intentional in my day-to-day activities. Part of this has been to achieve my goals and intentions and part of it has been the need for self-care. I’ve tried a variety of different things and some of them worked for a little while, others I use to this day, and still others didn’t work at all.

Below I’ll share what a typical week day looks like for me, as well as some strategies and tactics I use to maintain an even keel.

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What An Intuitive Life Coach Does In the Morning

I typically wake up with my kiddo. If I wake up earlier than my son, I will do my Tibetan rites and affirmations then. When my son wakes me up, I wait to do them after I have his day started. We get dressed, have bathroom time, and of course, make the beds.

Because I function best with a combination of nutritious things at breakfast time, the average day includes anything from eggs and fruit, to overnight chia pudding, to waffles with ricotta and fruit. My beverage of choice used to be lemon water, but I only like that with fresh lemon. Lately I’ve been opting for Dandy Blend (it’s like herbal coffee – no acid and no caffeine! I LOVE this stuff!).

Once the kiddo is off to school, I get settled into the day. To get myself more grounded, I take a little meditation time. This could be sitting quietly and listening to birds, or it could be a full on breath meditation. Then I spend a few minutes on whatever challenge or course I’m working through. Afterwards I typically respond to social media posts, check on groups, and check emails.

At this point I open my bullet journal and computer. I should have a solid list of tasks to complete which I wrote down the night before. Usually this list is between 5 and 7 separate (but often related) items. Some of them might even be fun – like playing with the kiddo. But there’s always at least one thing related to my work.

I work on my laptop for a little while, checking items off my list.

By mid to late morning, I will have my first client call. Before the call I always do a centering exercise to marshal my energy and set my intention for the call. I will then pull a card from my specially designed oracle deck, or if I don’t have my deck for some reason, I will meditate on what my client most needs that day.

After the call, I will cut cords and touch base electronically with my client. If it was a major session, I will create a session overview which I send to my client via email. For touching base, I typically just message my client and appreciate them for being awesome!

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What An Intuitive Life Coach Does In The Afternoon

At this point I have a light snack and some herbal tea. Sometimes I’ll drink a kombucha. Often I will check my groups again at this point and tie up any loose ends from my bullet journal task list.

Then I collect the kiddo, we go home, and have lunch. After lunch and depending on the day, we will either play together, or he’ll spend some time playing on his own (or with grandparents). This is when I will either do more online or client work (depending on the day).

My afternoons are generally lighter on the work side because I work better in the morning and I like to have time to do other things later in the day (like run errands and hang out with the kiddo).

This is the time I use to maintain balance and address the other areas in my life, like my home environment, my friend relationships, and of course, my family.

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What an Intuitive Life Coach Does At Night

In the evening, the whole family eats dinner together. After dinner, my husband usually puts the kiddo to bed. At that time I like to do dance meditation, high intensity interval training, or weights. After that, I’ll take a quick shower. Then my husband and I will spend some time relaxing, watching movies, chatting, and generally spending time together. Typically I drink some herbal tea at this point.

When I get ready to go to sleep, I brush my teeth and clean my face. Then I coat my skin in kukui oil (OMG – this stuff is SOOO awesome!). At this point I usually cut any cords and ground myself to cleanse my energy.

After that I go through my bullet journal practice, crossing off anything I completed on my task list (hopefully all of it!) and writing down one thing each that made me feel love, joy, and abundance/wealth. I also write down my tasks for the following day, including any appointment reminders etc so I can get tomorrow into my head. Then I go over to my monthly pages and run through my habit tracker to cross off all the habits I did in the last day.

At the end of this, I run through my appreciations for the day. I used to do only 5, but now my intention is 7, with a stretch of 10 (I usually have 10 or more!). Then I ask my husband what he appreciated about the day and I fall asleep with a smile on my face.

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An Intuitive Life Coach’s Daily Interventions

If I run into anything that causes me some resistance or challenge in the middle of the day there are a few practices I will use to help me:

  1. Sending love to a negative feeling until I come to neutral about it.
  2. Forgiving myself for something and deciding on a way I can do better next time.
  3. Reframing or find the opportunity, lesson, or joy in a situation (and then expressing gratitude/appreciation for that opportunity, lesson, or joy).
  4. Grounding to cleanse my energy if I’m around difficult people or situations.

These four personal practices help me navigate my sensitivities and keep my energy high throughout the day.

In addition, I also do the following things that help me dispel and transform negativity throughout the day:

  1. Steer clear of negative people and stay around positive people.
  2. Limit my general feed time on social media.
  3. Avoid the news in favor of other things (Note: I still know what’s going on by virtue of being online so often. I just don’t spend time watching the spin or committing my energy to those situations.).
  4. Redirecting conversations where someone is complaining or telling a negative story.
  5. Reframing other people’s stories into more positive and constructive ones.

Lessons For You

Looking over my day, you can see that I have both a morning and an evening routine (I talk more about creating those here) as well as spending a minimum amount of hours actually “working.” My life is balanced. I spend time doing things I love and maintaining wellness throughout my life.

This kind of schedule might not work for you (for all sorts of reasons) but the principles guiding this schedule CAN and SHOULD:

  • Honor your natural rhythms. Work when you have the most focus.
  • Routines help you maintain balance. Set up yours in a way that you will joyfully do them consistently!
  • Spend time on the different areas of your life – don’t spend all your time on one thing, but spread your attention and energy throughout your life.
  • Self-care works best when BUILT into your day. Figure out ways to build it into yours!

However you want to structure your life so that it works for you is fine, just make sure you’re honoring yourself. Make sure you’re fostering wellness in EVERY area of your life. That’s how you move toward your best self, and therefore, your best life.

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What An Intuitive Life Coach Does All Day (plus tips and tricks for intuitives!)
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