Why I'm not writing any more blog posts - the 3 things that made me quit.I’m stepping out in faith on this – I’m not going to write any more blog posts.


Yes. No more blog posts.

From now on, if you want wordy wisdom from me, you need to sign up for my newsletter. My newsletter, The Compassion Letter, will have weekly contemplation, fun, and action points to bring more love to your life. I want us to be a community and I want it to be personal.

We need to be committed to each other – to this project of unconditional love. That means things have to change.

So if you liked my posts on:

…then sign up for my newsletter and white-list my email address. You’ll get exclusive content and we can connect on a deeper level (which means MORE LOVE!).

By moving to exclusive content, it makes sense to do away with the Love the Unloveable Challenge. Basically, the newsletter will have similar content to the challenge going forward. It will be just once weekly, and the content will be relevant to current events as I’m guided. So if you want to get in on the Love the Unloveable Challenge, do it NOW…because it’s going away this week.

Unconditional Love Lifestyle Groupies!

I’m done with small talk and superficial stuff. I want you to look forward to reading my newsletter and I want to look forward to writing it. No bullshit. Just unconditional love and practical guidance on living a love lifestyle.

Along those lines, I really recommend you join my Unconditional Love Lifestyle Facebook group to be able to engage with the newsletter content, respond to the action points and more! Click here to join!

There is just no point in beating around the bush about these things. If we REALLY want to get deep into unconditional love, we need to find more ways to connect in one another’s lives. This is one thing I really love about my friend, Shawna Ainslie’s group Link Your Life. Her emphasis is different than mine, but the way the group runs is similar to how I’d like to be moving forward – up in each other’s lives, spreading love and light all over the place.

If I’m not writing blog posts…

Yes. I won’t be writing 1200, 1800, or 3000 word blog posts anymore. Those are going the way of all things. So what WILL be happening?


I frickin’ LOVE videos! Moving forward I’ll have an embedded video and a little verbal introduction to the video (with any notes about it). This will give me the opportunity to follow my joy, which is speaking. I really love speaking and I think my joy from this comes through (which benefits you!)!

What is important: community, connection, and love.I THINK these will be on YouTube. I’m going back and forth about it because that would be a new platform for me, but I feel like it’s the right place to be. Whatever I decide, you can be sure the replays will be posted on this blog and the live streaming info will get out FIRST to my subscribers and Facebook group.

Note: I reserve the right to put out a blog post to the tune of 2000 words on whatever at any time, but my emphasis…will be visual in order to bring more joy, smiles, and light to this world.

Just to be clear…

Making these changes is a little scary for me. That said, I am excited about them. I am excited to be bringing more joy in my life and changing things up. Writing this blog post was one GIANT joy fest for me. Really. And that’s because I’m moving in the right direction by creating change.

It’s important to make changes when you want something to change. Sounds basic, and maybe it is, but it’s also true. You have to change what you’re doing if you want things to change. I want things to change, so I’m changing what I’m doing.

It’s important to me to have

  1. community,
  2. connection with that community
  3. and a WHOLE LOT of love.

I think these changes are the way to do that.

What changes have you implemented to bring more joy to life? What things are important to you?

Why I’m Not Writing Any More Blog Posts
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