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I am thrilled to have Casia Schreyer on the blog to talk about her book, NOTHING EVERYTHING NOTHING. It addresses the silent battles many fight on a daily basis with depression, low self-worth, and hopelessness. So many of us have been touched by suicide – either in our communities, our families, or we ourselves have battled dark thoughts. I am so grateful for Casia’s energy around this topic and her intention for the proceeds of her work.

Interview with Casia Schreyer

Tell us a little about you.

I’m married and have two children – a boy and a girl. I’m currently a work from home mom and focusing on my writing. I enjoy cooking, baking, knitting, and crocheting.

When and why did you start writing?

Oh, gosh, I’ve been writing since I was seven. Seriously writing though? Maybe 18? I got my first poem published in one of those vanity anthologies when I was 14. I got a short story published in an e-zine in university, and another in a digital anthology about a year ago. I started writing “novels” in high school – most of them were crap and very short. I’ve brushed one off and I’m reworking it in my spare time right now. I have 3 novels, a collection of poems and stories, a children’s picture book, and a cookbook currently available. I guess I write because I feel like there are stories that need to be told.

Why did you choose to write your book?

This is definitely a case of a story that needed to be told. My cousin attempted suicide a few years ago. She also happens to be my goddaughter. I was devastated, but what could I do? I felt helpless. So I started a short novella titled “A Happy Ending for Marlee.” I wanted to write a story about a girl that was very much like my cousin, a girl who, for her own reasons, hit rock bottom and attempted suicide, and then, after all that, reached a happy ending. I wanted her to believe it was possible. I needed to believe it was possible. Somewhere along the way I realized there was more to the story and it became a full novel with a life of its own and I changed the title to Nothing Everything Nothing. The main character, Molly, is not my cousin, and what happens to Molly is fiction, but it’s still a very personal story for me.

If there is one thing you’d want people to do after reading this book, what would it be?

I want readers to know: You’re not alone. You can get through this. Your story isn’t over.You're not alone.


Is this why you chose to make Nothing Everything Nothing a fundraiser?

Yes. This story is not about me, it’s not about making money. It’s not even about getting famous. It’s about reaching as many people as possible.

I chose to donate half the profits from every sale of this book, digital, online orders, or purchased direct from me, to Kids Help Phone. KHP is a 24/7 youth crisis hotline in Canada. They operate a phone line and an online chat program. They rely on grants and on donations to keep the lines open. Teen depression and suicide is on the rise. They are part of the solution and I want to do what I can to help them continue helping youth.

What is the best way to connect with you online?

The best way to find my books is to go to my Amazon Author Page (My books are also on Kobo Books, iBooks, and Smashwords!). My blog can be found here.You can also find me on Facebook and Twitter.

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Please consider supporting Casia’s efforts to address teen depression and prevent suicide. It is such an important effort and I am so grateful for her energies around this as well as other causes close to her heart (read her blog for about 2 seconds and you’ll see she’s an incredibly passionate and caring person!).

And I would echo Casia’s words: You are worthy. You are more than enough. You are loved. You are important to the world. Hold that in your heart.

If this is a topic close to your heart, also check out Sharon Angelici’s interview about DEAR KANE, another work to help raise awareness on suicide with proceeds going to organizations with help lines and more.




Intentional Writer Interview: Casia Schreyer
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