I love my body because it’s part of a package. It does awesome things for me on a daily basis. It’s kind of an amazing thing – the human body. Every day billions of cells do wondrous things – keeping us moving through life and experiencing all kinds of wonderful things.

Some of the wonderful things my body does for me are:

  1. feel interesting textures

  2. hear beautiful sounds

  3. see beautiful sights

  4. taste delicious flavors

  5. smell glorious scents

  6. go interesting places

  7. do fun and interesting things

  8. tell me when i’m making a good decision (or a bad one)

  9. lets me know when I need to change my direction (or action)

These are the general wonders my body gives to me. But this isn’t to say I like everything about my body all the time – there are times when I haven’t liked my body. There are other times when I’ve been frustrated with it. But even when parts of my body don’t work how I want them to, or look how I’d like them to look, the reality is, the whole package is beautiful. The whole package is me and without every part together exactly as they are, I wouldn’t be me.

For more about how you can appreciate your body even when things aren’t working perfectly, check out my guest-post over on the Painted Teacup Blog here. I share five lessons I’ve learned about accepting my body no matter what (and I use these on a regular basis – and you can too!) Be sure to let me know what you think (comment there or on this post!) and how you accept and appreciate your body no matter what!

Want more on accepting you? Enroll in my ecourse, The Heart Unboxed: How to Love the Unloveable where I teach about worthiness, forgiveness, and acceptance.

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Appreciating Our Miraculous Bodies
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