Rules of The Craft

There are different concerns for writing fiction and nonfiction. When the writer is the narrator of reality, she needs clean writing. Grammar, punctuation, and word choice must follow all the rules for the genre in question. However, when writing fiction,

For the Love of Preorder

Right now I’m probably walking around the Monterey Bay Aquarium with my toddler. Hopefully that involves a lot of giggling as opposed to whining or screaming. Because we’re camping and celebrating his birthday (an apparent month long celebration) I had

Why Wolves?

What is it about werewolves? I like vampires all right, but werewolves appeal so much more. First there is the obvious connection with real animals. Werewolf stories get to play with all those things that real wolves do. Wolves are

Of Vanessa & Ethan

This is the first of my #TuesdayCoffeeTalk column which discusses influences and inspiration. In short, it’s a direct line to a writer’s thoughts, and therefore runs the gamut of topics and discussions. To contribute, see guidelines here. NOTE: SPOILER ALERT!

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