Intuitive Answer (Two Related Answers)


For those who have a very specific block or issue and need intuitively guided responses to two related questions (this is particularly good if you need insight on a project, creative endeavor, or relationship).

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If you have a very specific block or issue that can be answered by two questions (a main question and a related or single follow up question askedĀ up front) – a double intuitive answer is for you! Intuitive answers are particularly good if you need insight on a particular project, creative endeavor, relationship, or specific next step.

These answers are intuitive because I use any and all the abilities and knowledge I have to answer your question. These may include my intuitive abilities including clairvoyance, clairsentience, and more. In addition, I will use use my life experience (musical, artistic, written, academic, cultural, business, and ethical).

For every intuitively guided response, I go through a period of preparation (including cleansing, meditating, and grounding) to connect to Spirit in order to answer each question. It is for this reason these have limited availability.

You may submit your two questions by email with “Intuitive Answer 2 Pack” in the subject line. When payment is confirmed, I will reply with your answers!

Intuitive Answer (Two Related Answers)