You are not alone!You're in the right place if...

You feel stuck. You're doing all the recommended things and you still can't get to where you want to be.

You feel guilt or shame about some part of yourself or your past.

You want to be more intentional.

You're struggling to find joy, peace, or happiness.

What coaching does for you:

Gives you objective insight into a situation. This could be adding intention to your creative process, setting boundaries, or even forgiving past mistakes.

Gives you guidance on next steps. This could involve setting up processes, taking assessments, or establishing a daily practice.

Coaching works best when...

You are coachable. By seeking a coach you recognize there is something you want to change. In order to change, you must listen to what your coach offers and follow the process.

You are committed. You are committed to doing the work necessary to transform.

You are honest with yourself and your coach. The only way to bring about lasting change is by communicating an issue or circumstance completely.

Why work with me?

I am a heart-centered coach, meaning I use active love and understanding to transform your life.

Working with me can involve:

  • Intention-setting in any/all areas of life to increase your motivation and satisfaction.

  • Intention-setting in creative/professional life to increase resilience as well as hone and amplify your message.

  • Shifting mindsets and habits to improve relationships, productivity, and overall enjoyment of life.

  • Deepening acceptance of yourself and others to feel good no matter what.

  • Building a foundation to transform crisis into opportunity.

I believe in tailoring our time to work best for you. To do that, I draw from my wide experience and skills:

  • Decades of conflict resolution, active listening, as well as empathy training and experience

  • 6 years writing and publishing (nonfiction, fiction, flash, poetry, and more!)

  • 10 years teaching, training, and mentoring (non-profit, creative, and corporate)

  • Decades of creative study (singing, painting, drawing, sculpting, and fabrication)

  • Cross cultural understanding (subcultures, faith traditions, and more!)

  • 10 years careful spiritual study (positive directed thought, meditation, inspiration, scripture, and philosophy)

  • Intuitive abilities including clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairaudience, clairsentience, channeling, mediumship, and energetic healing.

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​No experience will be like another, and all include personalized conversations, guidance, and practical tools.

​So if you want to experience peace, acceptance, joy and love, or need help translating your message into the real world, contact me using the form below to determine if we're a good match and what kind of coaching experience would be best for you!




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