Like A Goddess: A Plan for The New YearIn December 2017, I saw my spiritual self for the first time – what I look like to other beings on the spiritual plane. It was striking – really striking. The only word that could describe what I saw was goddess.

And I knew 2018 would be my “Goddess Year.”

It’s a year of not only claiming, but exercising my power in tangible ways.

This is part of stepping into the highest most amazing version of myself – an exercise I learned during my coaching program – as well as taking inspired action.

At first I thought it was just that combination of things. But my guides have a different plan, which they let me know in a vision the other night.

This powerful year for me is full of plans, but the big ones for you are separated into three categories, which I’ll explain below.



Being an Intuitive Mama

First, I’m pregnant with kiddo number two! Woohoo! This is super exciting and totally planned (by more than those of us in the physical!).

Pregnancy was kind of kicking my ass the last few months of 2017 which meant I wasn’t as on top of my game as I usually am. Fortunately I am starting to feel more “normal” as I begin my second trimester. I’m also excited about harnessing my nesting urge into some serious productivity.

Apart from that, I realized that I had a lesson to learn from this pregnancy. As I mentioned in my bullet journal idea post here, I tend to slip into non-action when my routine is disrupted. Pregnancy is pretty routine disrupting (and a baby is even more so). As such, I think the big lesson for me during this time is coming up with ways to maintain my balance and positive habits DESPITE the routine disruption.

Discovering this was a joy – I actually got excited about finding solutions for this. That’s the blessing of reframing and getting fresh perspective on things (I definitely recommend it!)!

As part of this pregnancy, I’m going to share some insights over the course of my pregnancy about being intuitive and pregnant. It doesn’t get talked about a whole lot. The experience is distinct from a “regular” pregnancy, and certainly distinct from the average intuitive experience. As I move through it, I hope to share insights and depths, including wisdom I gain about ensoulment etc (though I suspect that will be super controversial for people).

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Working It With Workshops!

It’s important for me to focus on things that bring me joy in my work and life. In short, if it’s not bringing me joy, I’m not doing it. One of the things that brings me a TON of joy is speaking. That’s why I’m doing a lot more live videos in groups and on my page.

As such I prefer to do more video based services like workshops and classes (which eventually will lead into real life events, but probably not while I’m doing the newborn thing).

Along those lines, I received such positive feedback from attendees of my bullet journaling workshop (and had so much fun leading it!) that I intend to hold more workshops throughout the year on a variety of topics.

They will be relatively affordable (anywhere between $20 and $50 depending on the topic and amount of prep required) and super directed. Right now, the next workshop I’m looking at creating will be on spiritual development and exploring one’s spiritual gifts! This will likely be in late February 2018, so make a note if you’re interested!

Note: If there’s something you’d like a workshop on, let me know here or in a comment below!

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The Christian Intuitive Guided Plan

Perhaps the biggest professional news is I have come out of book-writing retirement. I never thought I would do this, but it’s time. For several reasons:

  • I am acting based on inspired action and being the best version of myself. As such, sometimes I need to do things that in another lifetime might have felt… out of left field (at least to me).
  • This book is one that NEEDS to be written. There’s a lot of need for this perspective out in the world and it feels like a natural path forward for me.
  • It feels good.

And what is this book about? Being Christian and intuitive. Yep. It may piss some people off, but for most readers it will be something between relief and novelty. I’m okay with that.

It turns out, this is something my guides are VERY excited about me doing, but it’s just the beginning as far as they’re concerned. There are more things on the way and big plans, which will reveal themselves in individual steps. And all of it makes me very excited!

Doing a chakra meditation the other night, I got to my throat and I actually heard my chakra singing. It was so vibrant and healthy and felt so good. That kind of thing is a direct result of speaking and living in my truth. Hearing that sound sent shivers and goosebumps throughout my body. It was amazing.

Sidenote About A Blog

In addition to the above bigger shifts and plans for 2018, I’m also going back to an older plan I once had about this blog. Instead of new blog posts every week, I’m going to be doing some post updates. There’s so much info on this blog and I hadn’t prioritized updating the info. With all these shifts and things moving along, it feels like the right time to make updates to older posts in order to stream line info etc.

I intend to have at least one brand new blog post monthly, in addition to the updates to older posts.

This feels like a better use of my time and will serve you better as a result.

Like A Goddess

All this feels really good to me. I’m really excited about this plan of action because it aligns with who I am now and where I want to be by the end of 2018.

If you, like me, are looking to step into your best self, I really recommend thinking through what that best version of yourself is like. What would she want? How would she act? When you answer those questions, it makes the next steps super easy and clear.

Here’s to a fabulous new year for all of us!

Like A Goddess: A Plan for The New Year
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