How I have perfect days (and you can too!)Have you ever had a perfect day? What would a perfect day look like for you?

I ask because I’ve been having these more and more often. Let me explain.

Last week I had the chance to hang out on Grey Area with Charity Minton (you can listen to it here!). We talked about acceptance and the power this has in a person’s life – including having perfect days.

I’ve imagined perfect days as part of my self-development journey over and over again. Visualizing the different parts of a day from waking to sleeping far in my future life is a fun, and helpful exercise.

And they’ve been amazing, truly wonderful days. I love thinking about them!

But as I created more of these perfect days in my mind, I realized something. There were the same components in each and every one of those perfect days – my favorite people and feelings. The locations changed. The activities changed, but those people and feelings stayed the same.

So I wondered, am I having perfect days already?

I began looking at my days now. The activities and places were a little different, but the fact was that YES – I WAS having perfect days ALREADY.

Now at the end of my days and appreciation practice every night, I think for a second and ask myself, was today a perfect day?

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Don’t get me wrong – things still go wonky every now and again. People get frustrated. Things break. The world still goes much as it ever has. BUT… but… most of my days have those perfect components.

And I never would have realized this without all the work I’ve done.

I needed to get to a place of self-understanding and acceptance before I could see the awesomeness of my days NOW.

This is why I’m holding the Accept Yourself Challenge – because I want people to experience their own perfect days. I want YOU to have perfect days, filled with all the good things that you want every day of your life.

We can do some serious magic in our lives, but we need to take the first step. Sometimes a safe community with a whole lot of love and support is what we need to do that.

If this speaks to you, or someone you know, please join us! The challenge starts November 6 (today!) and runs through November 10. If you’re coming in late, NO WORRIES! You can still catch up and get in on the action! Just click the image below to join today!

Accept Yourself Challenge - 5 Days to Accept Yourself More Fully - practices, tips, and prizes!


How I Have Perfect Days (and you can too!)
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