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3 Ways Being Mindful Can Improve Your Life Now!While I talk about being mindful a lot on this blog and in my coaching, sometimes I need a reminder myself!

This past week I experienced an epic restructuring (and a huge reminder to be mindful!).

I won’t go into too many details here, but I had some serious blocks come up that needed to get addressed. Yes. Even coaches have blocks – if we didn’t, we couldn’t be good coaches!

Through my process of understanding and resolving these blocks, a few things came up I thought would benefit you too!

A Lesson On Being Mindful

I had a pretty epic sized block which was impacting me in ways I didn’t even realize (it was a doozy!). We’re talking business, marriage, health – everything!

So after I did some serious self-work, and a healing session focused on the issue, I was finally able to settle into myself. Not only did I come to peace about the issue, but I felt downright AH-MAZING!

At the same time this was going on, I happened to be doing a 21 day challenge. The morning after the healing session, the challenge for the day was to meditate.

While I have no problem meditating, I hadn’t been making time to do it. To be frank, I hadn’t done a mindfulness meditation in a long time.

Happy to be forced to make time for this, I sat down and listened to the fountain outside. The sound of splashing water grounded me and my mind went quiet.

That’s when I got the message: Slow down!

I smiled. This is one of the recommendations in the book The Prosperous Coach. It’s also something my husband says all the time – Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast. Slow is fast.

Slow is also mindful. It’s getting deep into the present and being intentional about choices. Slow is good. Being mindful is good.

That’s when I knew I needed to share this message with you – that it wasn’t just me who needed the reminder. We all need it.

I’ve blogged about some ways a person can slow down with intentional living before, but I think it’s important for us to talk about why being mindful (slowing down) is so important.

Reason 1: You’ll feel better.

When you slow down, you feel better. You have time to appreciate things in your life.

For example, a “slowed down” walk will allow you time to appreciate the dragonflies, butterflies, lizards, and rabbits on the trail. A “fast” walk has your mind racing and you running to get to the next thing, thinking about a thousand other things than where you are in the present moment.

Just thinking about that fast walk makes me anxious!

But to go on a slow walk is a joy – noticing the beauty around you and fully experiencing the present can get you out of your problems and into the joys, opportunities, and lessons available to you.

Being in the present in this way allows you to feel more positively about your experience, and therefore enjoy life more. When you enjoy life more, you’re less stressed which means you’re also healthier! Good mental health leads to better physical health!

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Reason 2: Your relationships improve.

I’ve never done speed dating, but I feel like it’s not the best way to go about finding a long-term relationship (it’s possible – but I feel like other ways are better). Why? Because rushing through time to find out about someone just doesn’t work well.

People are complicated and need time. Sure, your first impression may tell you a lot, but what about after? That “after” is the important piece. That’s where the really interesting and exciting relationship stuff happens.

But slowing down isn’t just important for dating – it’s good for ALL kinds of relationships.

When you slow down, that allows you space to really listen to the person across the table from you. You pay attention to their words and really hear what they’re trying to communicate. This helps prevent arguments because you are able to “head them off” before they gain any traction. As a result, your relationships are less stressful and more enjoyable.

The added bonus is that people will want to be around you. People love to feel heard and when you demonstrate how well you listen and respond to their needs in the present, you become magnetic!

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Reason 3: You become more creative.

An impromptu cardboard palette, soup can water cup, paint brushes, and spongeIf you are an entrepreneur or artist of any kind, slowing down goes a LONG way to preventing and addressing blocks. Slowing down can allow you time and space to notice the opportunities available in front of you.

It gives you space to let go of all the noise, social media, appointments, etc, and focus on the quiet voice of inspiration. That’s the one that carries you out and through blocks, and on to flow.

The more you practice slowing down to be open to seeing and listening for inspiration, the more it will present itself.

Slow Down Starting Now

I’ve talked about different ways you can slow down here, but the most important thing to slowing down is to decide this is what you will do.

If your mind is busy, and you feel anxious about a thousand and one things you have to do, you won’t be able to slow down. You’ll be stuck in that vicious cycle of speedy anxiety.

So, first, you decide – “Yes. I want to slow down.

For some people this will be enough to be mindful of the present, but others will need more.

If your mind is so ramped up, your feelings so intense, you need something to bring you back to where you are in the present. To do this, focus on one thing in your immediate vicinity.

What is near by that is beautiful, peaceful, joyful, or awe-inspiring in some way? It could be a flower, butterfly, sound of chimes, laughter of a kid down the street. As long as it makes you feel good and brings you into the present it doesn’t matter what it is!

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While it’s true this won’t erase all those things making you anxious, it will at least give you some perspective and space to address them.

If those things are still looming large in the back of your mind, then you need to spend some time laying a new foundation in your thoughts and feelings. This will allow you to be more consistent in slowing down.

You can do that with classes, retreats, or some sort of mentor. If you’d like help with this, reach out to me so we can figure out what would be the best path for you!

Over to you: What happens when you slow down?

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3 Ways Being Mindful Can Improve Your Life Now
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