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A Review: TIME Heals Session - Find out how it can help you!There are a whole lot of different healing modalities out there. Different ones may speak to you at different times in your journey. Because they can be beneficial, I wanted to share my experiences as I come across them. In this post I share what happened when I tried a TIME Heals Session.

Eclipses and Healing – A Match Made in Heaven?

Several weeks ago, there was a solar eclipse making its way across the US. Some people were camping in far off places with their eclipse glasses on. Others were watching the weird shadows.

I was getting a TIME Heals session with Reba Linker.

When I originally scheduled the session, I didn’t think about that date or time having any special meaning. I just felt like I should schedule my session then. When it drew closer, I realized it was the day of the eclipse. Curious, I checked the time of the eclipse and sure enough – it would peak while I was in the middle of my session.

Clearly I was meant to maximize the energy used for this session.

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post. I just like reviewing the methods I explore for my readers, fans, and curious parties! That said, there ARE a few Amazon Affiliate links in this post. When you click on one of the links and make a purchase, I receive a small commission for the referral at no extra cost to you!

What is TIME Heals?

TIME Heals is a new modality that basically uses Spirit to help disperse healing energy into the client. The best way I can explain the session is it involves chakra attunement and energy healing that uses similar methods to Pranic Healing (a modality developed in the 1970s) or reiki (a much older modality coming out of Zen).

TIME Heals however is more new agey in feel and includes connection with guides, angels, and ascended masters.

What happened during the session?

I enjoy trying different modalities and try to keep an open mind about anything I try. Knowing and trusting Reba Linker (combined with a special offer she made to her mailing list) was what encouraged me to try a session.

So I signed up for one having no clue what would happen, but trusting in Reba’s discernment and abilities.

I have to say, this was like a warm bath. It was calming, soothing, and feel good. Reba went through assessing my chakras and letting me know what she saw when she attuned them. While nothing was really a surprise, it was an affirmation of things I’d seen in myself, and helped fill in details or little gaps here and there.

Then she combined energy from the Earth, Source, and my heart center and poured it into me. It created a visceral reaction – and was so incredibly lovely! She then gave me some messages from Spirit and closed the session.

After we were finished, she gave me a few minutes to ask any questions I might have. I totally took advantage of this and really appreciated the chance for more clarity. A little while later she sent me a recording of the session for future reference (which was super awesome!).

What happened in the next week?

Immediately after my session, I found myself a little woozy and wistful – as though I’d just gotten a massage. Other than feeling warm and cozy, I didn’t notice anything remarkable the rest of the day.

The following day I got consistent messages and signs around the issue of death – not necessarily the death of a person, but rather a coming change and letting go of a certain way of being.

And then the exhaustion set in. It was intense healing crisis exhaustion.

Sometimes when a person gets an energy session (or even healing with modern medicine) they will have an reaction to the healing as the body reorients itself to a new mode of being. This may often include flu-life symptoms, like chills, exhaustion, tummy aches, etc.

In my case, it was exhaustion to the point of being incapable of doing much more than the absolute bare minimum which lasted until my vacation.

Around this time I also noticed a change in my joint health – in particular my wrists. They were definitely less painful and easier to manipulate.

Now, as part of the session clients are requested to hold someone else in mind for healing. In my case, I held my husband in mind. I didn’t ask him if he experienced any changes around that time, but later he did tell me something interesting.

The week before our vacation he saw two praying mantises. Then he saw another while we were on vacation, and a fourth one afterward.

We hardly EVER see praying mantises around, so the fact he saw four in such a short span was noteworthy. It made even more sense when I looked up what praying mantises symbolize – stillness. Balance. Listening to and following your intuition.

Those were all things my husband needed to do (and I was pretty aware of) – but it was nice that it was such a clear sign from Spirit (and an affirmation of my feelings/observations).

Woman facing away, getting massage (Pixabay)

Should you get a TIME Heals session?

I enjoyed my session with Reba. It was helpful, affirming, and allowed me to be more open to receiving messages that needed to be heard.

As someone with intuitive abilities, it’s easy to question my nudges. Even after being committed to my abilities etc, I still sometimes feel like, “Am I doing this right? Did I hear that right?”

For this reason, a second opinion is invaluable. It’s just nice to know someone else sees the same things, and maybe can see a bit more when it comes to my own stuff (sometimes you’re just too close to see it clearly!).

Also, there may be additional physical healing stuff that could happen because of all this movement.

For these reasons I would definitely recommend a TIME Heals session with Reba.

No matter what, do this.

Even if a TIME Heals session doesn’t feel like the right fit for you, I strongly recommend investing time, energy, and resources in regular self-care. Healing modalities like reiki, Pranic healing, and TIME Heals are great options for this.

If that still feels too far out for you, try something a little closer to your comfort zone, like a massage, warm bath, or even meditation. Even coaching could be a form of self-care if you feel like you want something more “active.”

There are so many options at every price point and for every commitment level. There’s no reason to deny yourself! You are so worthy and deserving of total wellness! Go out and do something for yourself today!

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A Review: TIME Heals Session
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