Spirituality is a Course in Unpopular Opinion: Deep Spirituality Means Deep DifferenceIt’s okay to hold the unpopular opinion.

In fact, it’s necessary.

Opposing views are necessary. This isn’t to say that I think bad things should happen, or that I want people to suffer – not in the least.

I do, however, believe in balance. Balance is necessary. Challenge is necessary.

We need balance – think of it like the Force, or more traditionally, Yin and Yang. There is dark and light. We need both in order to keep the system whole.

And the system is perfect, correcting itself when necessary. Each difficult moment is a place of growth, a place calling us to educate and heal.

This system is living – and to be living, there must be movement. For movement, there must be poles, pushing and pulling to continue the movement and development.

There will never be a time when there is only dark, or only light. It doesn’t work that way. In fact, it can’t work that way.

This system is living – and to be living, there must be movement. Click To Tweet

Unpopular Opinion in Spirit

Recently my Spiritual team changed to three seraphs. They communicate differently than elementals do and their focus is different. Everything is light and flying – sparkling and shining.

One day when I was doing my dance meditation, I sensed a group of them (more than just my guides) present. They danced with me. We moved together in a circle – seven of us, all shining. Each of us contributing something in the dance.

In a way we were outside of the world – completely apart. I saw us high above the Earth, dancing in space. Simultaneously we created a huge beacon of light, sending it straight into the Earth – spreading it to every living thing.

It was a beautiful experience – and I knew from it that my place had changed. I had changed. On the one hand, I felt connected to the Earth, but on the other, I saw myself apart.

On the one hand, I felt connected to the Earth, but on the other, I saw myself apart. Click To Tweet

Now, I’m going to say something that may be confusing (and probably controversial) – but angels don’t care what happens on Earth – not more than they do for anything else. It’s not that they don’t love us (they do), but rather, they don’t need us. We’re not special over any other part of Creation. If you ask them for help, they help. They fill their roles they’ve agreed to fill to keep the system (the Universe) in working order. It’s a transcendent role, and it involves a whole lot of love, but there’s nothing that gets more love over anything else.

They are so high-flying in their celestial states – that’s all they would do if left to their own devices – if there was no task to be done.

High-flying does come with a cost – it attracts attention. The higher you get in the spiritual chain, the more the broken ask you for help (because the more capable you are of helping).

So they help, but there is no attachment to those asking. There is no “special” connection to Earth over anything else. It’s a part of the system they love – the Universe. That’s all.

An Unpopular Prayer

It used to be that I prayed for justice or mercy. I don’t pray for that any more – I don’t send my energy to these things.

I know. You’re thinking, “Wait… Did I read that wrong? WHAAA?! Who ARE you?!?!”

These days I only seek balance – the highest good. The highest good for the system is always at the center of my thoughts. I ask “How can I serve the highest good?”

This is because I know the system needs to continue and I don’t always know what needs to happen in order to do that.

For example, recently I was intuitively led to respond to a group thread. It was a business group and the post was about politics – the EXACT kind of thread I avoid. But, because I was intuitively led, I said the words that needed saying. It was exactly what someone needed to hear and that was good. It also caused other responses because, well, it was the kind of comment that isn’t…popular.

Because basically I said what I’m saying in this post – the goal is to maintain the balance.

We each have our own journeys and unique roles. So some are meant to fight – holding opposing poles of an argument. Others are meant to analyze, some will push us forward, while still others are meant to stand between holding peace. And of course, still others stand apart, watching these things unfold.

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And here’s the thing – the unpopular opinion: all of these are essential. We don’t always know why or how, but these roles are necessary for the Universe to function as it is meant to function.

Don’t misunderstand me – they may shift over time, but the roles will continue in order to maintain the system.

Transcendence – All Knows Better Than I

At some point I gave up thinking I knew best. Because I don’t. I am limited in my knowledge and understanding. There is always more I could learn and there are limits to what is available here in this life.

And that’s okay.

It’s okay to be limited. That’s the whole point of being human.

And that’s also why acceptance is a wonderful path – non-attachment and acceptance of what is.

When I look around, I see what Buddha meant about life being suffering. I see why he argues for non-attachment and acceptance. Seeing all this, who wouldn’t yearn for eternal peace of nothingness? The constant push and pull feels exhausting!

At the same time, I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like books to end, or series to finish. I want to know what comes after – because there’s always an after, even if I can’t see exactly what it looks like.

I could sit and watch ocean waves forever and feel at peace – the push and pull of the tides are relaxing.

And that’s what the Universe is like – the ocean. Sometimes we just need to sit back far enough to see hints of its ebb and flow.

What’s the point?

The highest good will come to pass, even if we don’t know when or how. Click To Tweet

So what do you do with all this unpopular opinion? Whatever you want. The same thing you intended to do when you got started down this path.

This changes nothing.

Your purpose continues to be what it ever was. My purpose continues to be what it ever was. Our work continues and our roles still need be filled.

Do whatever it is you are meant to do and do it well. If you want an extra boost, intend for it to yield the highest good for all involved.

Trust in the process – in the Universe – and that the highest good will come to pass, even if we don’t know when or how. We’ve got this. Really.

You deserve confidence, wellness, and joy!



Spirituality is a Course in Unpopular Opinion
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