You Are Magical: How to Create Beauty and Wonder Every DayYou are magical. I am magical. The world is magical.

I mean it. When I say “magical,” I’m talking about that unique mixture of inexplicable wonder, miracle, and co-creation.

It’s easy to forget how magical and miraculous the world is. With the mind distracted, it gets easy to forget the glories of a dandelion, ladybug, or a passing cloud. It gets easy to forget the sheer delight of a child’s laughter, or the intense coziness of a bear hug from a good friend. But each of those things is totally miraculous and magical.

There’s no reason for those things to be – and yet they are.

They are and they continue to be.

We’re all magical.

Did you know that you are magical? It’s easy for many to downplay this idea. But take a look at a flower. How amazing is it? It’s this delicate thing that is beautiful in color and form. A rough wind or frost could destroy it, and yet it persists. Bees love them. Butterflies love them. Hummingbirds love them. They are one of nature’s delights! If a flower is so miraculous, how much more so are you? Your body made of trillions of cells does countless processes daily to allow you to move, explore, and delight in this life.

That by itself is magical.

Then just think of all the amazing things you do – the person you are. Working, playing, dreaming, laughing, crying, smiling, shouting, eating and everything you do that is just, well, amazing and wonderful. And it all impacts everyone around you every single day.

But that’s the “normal” stuff.

And then of course there are the things we do that can’t be explained – the things that hover beyond what is known and proven by rationality and the scientific method. The leading edge of what it means to be human.

The Intuitive’s Gifts

Okay, some people are definitely more magical than others, just like some people run faster and others learn languages faster.

This is totally a thing.

My husband has said I’m the descendant of elves. He also playfully calls me a witch (I don’t call myself either of these things, but both make me grin!).

These are the words some might use to talk about spiritual gifts – deep intuition, mediumship, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and claircognizance. People use all kinds of words to talk about these things – psychics, intuitive, gifted, ESP, and more.

And yes, these abilities help with knowing, just as being able to see further does. Walking through the world with these gifts makes it easier for me to see patterns, workings, and manipulate them. There is no question. It’s the same as having all the cones in your eyes making it easier for you to be an artist because you see more colors.

But you don’t NEED all those cones to be an artist. You don’t NEED these abilities to experience miracles in your life.

You are magical.

There is magic in your feelings, words, and actions. Smiling, singing, and dancing, for example, changes how you experience the world. Having an open mind changes your perception of the world. Feeling other people’s feelings and acting in response to this empathy changes your life experience. It changes how others around you experience the world.

That’s the empirically proven bit. But there’s more.

There’s a conversation in alternative spirituality around co-creating reality, or manifesting. But I want to be clear – this conversation is happening other places too. It’s about consciousness and perception directing the shape of what is. In physics, it’s the experiment seeing the particle going one way or another, depending on what the observer expects (and when it isn’t observed, it goes both ways!). It’s using words to change how you think about things. It’s about meditation literally changing the way your brain interprets information.

And maybe, it’s about us deciding what will be.

Careful What You Think

The fact is, when you look around, everything is a product of our thoughts. Someone had to dream up all the systems we have – the way we decided this world would be. Some person created the structures. Someone invented the pieces of the machine I’m using to type this post.

All this stuff – the way reality is – was shaped by our thoughts and feelings.

And it could just as easily be changed.

Make More Beauty and Wonder

Part of changing reality is the decision. It’s setting the intention to make more wonderful and beautiful things in your life. But how? There are a few things you can do right now to start this magical transition:

  1. Start telling yourself a different story by reframing things with different more positive words (find out how here).
  2. Make your space beautiful (get started by decluttering here).
  3. Every day do something nice for yourself that brings you joy (here are some suggestions).
  4. Go outside with the intention to see natural beauty wherever you are.
  5. Take one small step toward your intentions on a daily basis (I like bullet journals for this purpose!).
  6. Find a community and a mentor to help you maintain your focus!

This is a solid start towards practicing the magic of you. Try it. Test this out. See what happens. I’m confident you’ll realize how magical you are!

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You Are Magical: How to Create Beauty & Wonder Every Day
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