No matter what is going on, you can spread light.

I’m thinking about throwing light on things, especially after talking with Brandy Walker from Brandy Glows. She’s got a podcast called Throwing Light which is right up my alley (a guest appearance in the making hopefully!). In my teaching and in my life, I practice throwing light – both literally and figuratively (you can find out more about what I mean here and here).

For the purposes of this conversation though, let’s focus on how spreading light works in daily life.

Spread Light on the Body

When I first wrote this post, I was experiencing tremendous joint pain. As such, I found myself feeling a combination grief and gratefulness. Joint pain isn’t fun. On the other hand, I am pushed to do things differently because of it.

When you do things differently, it creates new neural pathways in your brain. For example, the act of thinking about my words when using speech to text software creates new neural pathways in my brain because I interact with the words differently. I stretched the abilities of my brain when I first wrote this.

Because of my joint pain, I had to think about how I used my hands whenever I did anything. To this day, I still have to consider how I use my thumbs and wrists. It used to require a great deal of thought – which made more neural pathways. I cannot just lift something. I have to think about how my hand is positioned, how much pressure I use, and how long I can hold something before it causes me difficulty.

It makes everything slower and more deliberate. Everything must be done intentionally. I used to skirt pain with every movement. It’s less so now because there has been healing. Could there be more? Yes. And there will be. That said, I am grateful for:

  • the warning of doing too much,
  • the ability to create new neural pathways,
  • creative thinking and problem solving,
  • a husband gracious and giving who helped me find a new computer,
  • the opportunity to explore video and audio,
  • opposable thumbs,
  • wrist-thumb splints.

Without this experience I would not have known the extent of my gratefulness. I would not have known the extent of my resourcefulness. It is during these kinds of challenging situations that we discover ourselves. Every time I encounter a new challenge, I discover more of who I am and love myself just a little more. What a gift to receive these lessons!

Spread Light on the Heart

To give you a different example, when someone is doing something you don’t like, you have the option to respond with love and gratitude. So, when I see my son having a temper tantrum, I can see it as an inconvenience or as an indication. Yes, the tantrum is not fun. There is yelling and maybe throwing. It might create a headache. But he is probably hungry. Maybe he’s tired. He could be asserting his independence. Whatever the case, I can be grateful for those indications because they allow me to adjust my behavior and address his needs. When I’m grateful for that indication, I can treat him with kindness. I am more likely to use gentle words, loving touches, and empathize with him. By doing these things, our interactions will be better. Our relationship is better.

By focusing on the good of the situation, I create more good. I get more of what I want. Gratitude creates more things to feel thankful for. It’s good all the way around.

Spread Light ALL OVER!

My point is this: stuff happens. Bad things happen. Pain happens. Conflict happens. Yet in each of these situations you can find goodness. You can find beauty, wonder, and light. When you find that good stuff, focus on it, and amplify it, more good things happen.

No matter what you encounter in your daily life, you have the opportunity to adjust your behavior. You have the opportunity to respond with love and grace. If something feels icky, change what you’re doing. Find out what is going on and address it. Spread some light. Allow the situation to transform. It will be amazing!


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Why You Need to Spread Light (If you want more good in life)
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