Today I want to share with you my experience in ZPoint, a healing modality that facilitates incredible healing transformation in a short time in a safe space.

Why You Need ZPoint Therapy - Find out what happened when I tried it!

A Painful Root

For better or worse, I grew up with something in my life that was a source of pain. I think most people have some area in their life that was this way – so I won’t say what mine was, except to say that I had one. It caused pain from its lack. It caused pain when others hoarded it, insulating themselves from connecting with others. Any way I looked at it, this thing was a source of suffering and pain.

Because I saw it as a source of pain, I rejected it. I pushed it away and this created a situation of lack in my life. I was successful in many ways, but when it came to this one particular area, I repelled it.

I knew I had blocks, but I didn’t know exactly what they were. I tried all the resources I could find – strategies, classes, and articles but nothing seemed to work. Despite every effort, I still wasn’t finding success in this area.

That’s when I knew I needed outside help.

Fortunately I am connected with Reba Linker and her Leaders in Self-Love Facebook group. I’ve found Reba’s presence to be gentle, supportive, and nurturing, so when she made a call to the group offering free ZPoint  therapy sessions as part of her training in the modality, I jumped on it. At first I didn’t know what issue I would bring to the session, but as it drew closer, I knew there was one major issue I needed to confront – where I needed additional guidance and transformation.

What Happened

ZPoint is a modality developed by Grant Connolly, where a practitioner guides the client through progressive rounds of clearing for emotional and spiritual healing. Through conversation, directed by the client, the practitioner helps drill down to areas needing release (find out more about it here).

I’ve had Reiki, massage, and traditional counseling sessions at different times in my life. Reiki I love. Massage I love for different reasons. Counseling I’ve found only moderately helpful, but of course, it may work better for other people. I’ve done group seminars and workshops in other modalities like tapping, visualization, communication, and so many others.

I hadn’t heard of ZPoint therapy before except an introduction to it through Reba. I had no idea what it would do for me. I didn’t realize how deep my rejection of this area went, and I had never participated in something like this so I wasn’t sure what results I’d experience.

At the beginning of our session, I was a little nervous. I wanted to get the most out of the session, so I was very honest about the struggle I’d been experiencing. I think this is important for ZPoint therapy to work – it is key to make yourself vulnerable with your practitioner.

When we started, I felt like a walnut was lodged in my throat. I felt tension in my shoulders. I felt sadness and fear around this area of my life. We did several rounds of clearing, and by the end of the session, I was in a completely different place energetically. My feelings around this area of life were different. The idea of it wasn’t frightening or painful, but was an expression of love to myself and others. I saw my throat (once choking on a walnut) as glowing. I saw my whole body glowing as the last vestiges of my old beliefs and feelings around this area cleared.

For You

I would definitely recommend the ZPoint process. I had no idea what I was getting when I reached out, but WOW am I glad I did! In about an hour’s time, I made a HUGE leap in an area of my life where I had been struggling. Definitely connect with Reba Linker for a session!


Why You Need ZPoint Therapy
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