This is a poetic reflection on the American election, inequality, faith, and the nature of the cosmos. It’s also just a love letter, a plea for all to stop talking long enough for empathy.

I’m letting this out.

I’m releasing this here.

I’m praying these words go directly into your heart and that you hear what I’m saying in your soul. Because this is not from me or for me. This is not about me and it’s not about you.

But it is for you.

You’ve got to know, this came direct. This message – these words. This was some kind of frenzy. A love letter of sorts. A reversed sweet nothing, an unsavory everything.

I’m talking to you – to anyone unsure. To anyone who thinks this isn’t a big deal. To anyone who thinks America could be made great again. To anyone who puts words in God’s mouth that make angels weep and punishes like Rome.

I’m getting Biblical. I’m getting…


What is love? I’ve been playing this song in my head for weeks as we near the end of this hateful season. And I know you’re exhausted. I know you’re anxious. I know you’re triggered like hell. I. Know. It.

But I need you – I want you to imagine with me.

Is it love to tell your daughter it’s okay if a man attacks her? Is it love if you tell your friend it’s okay for them to brave death every time they step outside the house because their body has pigmentation? Is it love to let someone, a human being, with a life and dreams be denied medical treatment simply because they don’t have the money?

Is it love to deny your friend’s 30 years of impeccable experience and careful leadership because of who she married? Is that love to deny her a job in favor of someone with ZERO experience? Or worse, deny her the job because she has a vagina and the other guy is, well, a guy?

Is it love to deny someone the right to pursue their hopes and dreams? Is it love to rush to conclusions about a person or situation, without knowing all the facts? Without hearing all sides? Without taking your own ego out of the equation?

Is it love if you make this all about you?

Because Honey, it’s NOT about you. It’s NEVER been about YOU.

It’s about US.

If you cannot get over your fear, insecurities, anger, guilt, and shame, then you must take yourself out of this conversation. You must sit down and shut up. You must stop talking and take a breath.

Take. A. Breath.

Let it out.

And listen.

Open your ears wide as the ocean. Open your heart wide as the sky. Hear me. Hear me now. I have a message for you.

You do not know it all. You can’t – especially if you’re attached to some small-minded thoughts, objects, numbers, or rules as if this is the only way to be. Puh-lease! Life is BIGGER than that. Life is MORE than white. Or black. It’s got colors your eyes can’t see. It’s got sounds you can’t even dream. And while it’s great to love on this tiny body of experience, there’s a whole lot more than your limits.

You’re not alone in this time and place. What? You thought I was a nightmare? Some nagging voice in your mind? See me as your conscience – a little personal prophet for a moment. A medium between the quick and dead. A witch with a power to know what you need… if that makes you feel better.

Look up to the sky. See the stars? The faintest picture of forever – ancient fierce and full of light, dark, and all between. And we’re just a tiny blue speck. Our galaxy is but a cell of the universe. And we’re smaller than that cell’s mitochondria. We’re smaller than atoms. We’re quantum particles – flickering in and out of existence. With a bit of observation we shift reality one way or the other. We vibrate like strings – singing the music of the spheres.

Are you with me?

This isn’t about you. This is not about you. Can we get this message through? Please remember it isn’t about YOU.

It’s always been about US.

If I’m just a quantum particle, how could it be ANYTHING but about US?

It’s always been about the glorious difference that makes US. It’s always been about seeing through to the heart of another human being and DOING the thing that SHOWS you see that person’s need, and yes, you are committed to filling it.

If you want to talk bodies, let’s talk bodies. Let’s talk holy bodies, the temples of experience and beauty and wonder and love. Glorious love. That infinite resource. All. God.


Are you there? Are you hearing this?

You’re part of the body – the greater body – heavenly bodies. Vibrating in the ether. A single strand of super string…


I acknowledge the anger short-sightedness causes in me. I acknowledge the frustration small-mindedness stirs in my heart. I acknowledge I face palm with strange misinterpretations of “love,” like ego-centered acts could be anything related to love. This is me letting it go. Releasing.

Jesus. Buddha. Muhammad. Can I curse now? Fucking hell. Really.

I can’t believe we’re having this conversation. It’s 2016. It’s 2016… but the immaturity still exists because the fear still flies magnified. Like it’s more frightening for a woman to have that power – the ONE power of God. That ONE thing a man can NEVER do.

And when she has agency… that’s the stuff of legend…

And eagles come down as friends. Bison acknowledge the standard-bearers. People across the Earth unite under one cause – one. Complete and whole.

Ah… life with the invisible. So many of us have lost that connection. So many have forgotten how connected we really are. These golden threads between us, tying us to everything in this sweet existence.

Super strings…


I sought stillness,

And still I shook

With a power I didn’t understand

And in that moment, I sent it out

A bomb set in creation


Be. Together. Divine.

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Releasing a Phoenix Call
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