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Why? This is the most important question for every single action. Why?

Why am I wearing wrist braces? To protect my wrists from all the computer work while they continue to heal.

Why am I eating vegetarian meals more often? To foster more personal and social wellness.

Why am I blogging three times a week? To foster a story of love.

Why am I scheduling my social media posts? To free up my time while getting the word out about my message.

Why is my message worth hearing? Because it is the only path forward for human progress.

Why is it the only path? Because it focuses on the highest good for all involved.

Why me? Why not me?

The 2 Most Important Questions in Business & Life - Get the results you want by asking these questions!

Why do anything?

I took a class Saturday morning about business growth. It’s the kind of thing I take often to gain more clarity on what I’m doing and how to do it better. This one in particular got me thinking about the whys of my strategies and business, but also my life.

Why am I doing this? Why is it valuable? Why would someone pay to work with me?

Why am I living the way I’m living? Why do I eat the way I do? Why do I work the way I do?

These are big questions that shape every step. They emphasize the motivation behind action, but also require the answers to live up to the motivation.

If, for example, I’m doing something to get to Z, but that action only takes me to Q, I need to rethink my action. I need to reassess and come up with a different action that is more likely to get me to Z.

Why isn’t the only question.


What do I want to be doing? What do I want to eat? What do I want to spend my time on? What do I want my income to look like? What do I need versus want? Do these things reflect my whys?

It’s a line of questioning that leads to further questions. At first this may seem counter-productive and annoying. This is especially true when motivations shift.

I have two motivations for my business:

  1. To make a positive impact by spreading love and understanding.

  2. To provide for my family.

Since honing my purpose and message, I’ve done a pretty good job of the first. I have room to grow on the second.

As I explored these questions and my motivations, I realized my old strategies for business and life generally moved me away from money. They were away from dealing with money and finances in any way, because money was something I used to think of as evil. I’ve watched how money influences many individuals toward increased narcissism and hurtful independence in Southern California. It’s anything from ignoring appointments and taking dogs into restaurants to driving drunk. But it’s not just individuals – money connects with evil in organizations too. I’ve seen corporations make damaging choices in pursuit of a certain bottom line. It’s this kind of thinking that allowed 40,000 Americans die annually because they couldn’t afford health care.

It is undeniable that some people and organizations commit evil acts from greed.

But that doesn’t mean good people and organizations shouldn’t get paid for the value they add to society through their work.

My work – my message is valuable. I know it is, and others regularly tell me it is. So why shouldn’t I be paid? Why shouldn’t people pay me premium prices for the premium results I offer?

They should – and do. The information and implementation I offer has life-changing consequences and far-reaching benefits. I am grateful for every student, coaching client, speaking engagement, and reader. I am grateful for their support of my efforts and their affirmation of my goals (both personally and professionally).

Next Steps

Moving forward, I’m getting clear on why and what. I’m making sure “what” directly connects to “why,” because otherwise, there’s no point in doing it.

Life is too short to spin my wheels repeatedly without results.

Thoughtful action is my path forward. In this, I intend to be gentle with myself and keep going.

Are you spinning your wheels? Check out my class, The Heart Unboxed: How to Love the Unloveable which will help you live life to the fullest by loving yourself and others. Click here to enroll today!

The 2 Most Important Questions in Business & Life
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