Today I’m excited to have a wonderful human being, author, blogger, and coach on the blog! Reba Linker is a light in the world who helps people find joy, purpose, and experience self-love. She is a guide who also fosters community to promote these wonderful things, and I know you’ll find value in everything she has to offer! Enjoy!

Note: If Reba’s work resonates with you, support her awesomeness by clicking the picture link and purchasing one of her books! There are some Amazon affiliate links in this post, some of which will support both Reba’s work and my own (Your cost is the same while I get a small commission and Reba gets her regular royalties from her work!).

Interview with Reba Linker

Tell us a little about you.

Thank you, Alexis, for this opportunity to share a bit about my journey. I’m truly honored to be here.

I’m a coach, bestselling author, Youtube show host and manifesting guru. My personal motto is: Every obstacle is a doorway. I live in NYC with my husband and two children.

When and why did you start writing?

I never thought of myself as a writer. I always wanted to dance, sculpt, and travel. Sitting in Anne Sokolowski’s beginner knitting class at my local Y, I literally heard a crystal clear voice in my head say: “I want to write about Anne.” As a non-knitter and non-writer, you can bet I resisted that voice for months!

However, the voice didn’t go away, and so I approached Anne. She gave me permission to write her story, saying something characteristically encouraging, like: “Sure, it’s your funeral.”

When Anne died a few months later, my obligation to tell Anne’s story deepened, and it touched a nerve with my own recent loss of my mother and father in the two preceding years. The book went from a lighthearted collection of knitting tips and Anne’s wise-guy witticisms, to a long-awaited healing. It became a Kindle bestseller called Follow the Yarn, and it was the vehicle through which I learned to trust myself and follow my story, even when I wasn’t at all sure where it was leading me!

Why did you choose to write your book?

Follow the Yarn helped me discover my voice and led me to my true calling as a coach. When that happened so much made sense in a new way. I had studied with a spiritual teacher, Shanta, for 30 years – suddenly I wanted to share some of what she had taught me. That’s what led to my next book, The Little Book of Manifesting Big.

If there is one thing you’d want people to do after reading this book, what would it be?

Apply the manifesting techniques to their lives, of course! They’re so simple and do-able and can make such a difference. My goal as a coach is to help people live their most vibrant, abundant and joyous lives, and manifesting is a part of that.

To make it more fun, I’ve created a series of courses that walk you through each lesson. Some people like to get bite-sized pieces, while others prefer a whole 10-course meal, so I’ve created both kinds of courses to suit each type of student.

Sometimes less really is more. It’s so important to not just read about a technique, but to really own it, to master an idea and make it your own before moving on to the next concept. I even send out a Certificate of Completion to celebrate your accomplishment; it’s a pretty certificate, and that feeling of completion actually helps the learning process.

Is there a through-line that connects all your books and activities?

My books, coaching, courses, and my Youtube show, Paint Yourself Into the Picture, all are about creating the most vibrant picture of your life. I grew up waiting my turn – actually, waiting and hoping for someone to hand me my turn. I finally decided that there’s no more waiting. No one is going to hand me my turn – I’m in charge!

I’ve traveled that journey myself, from suppressed to self-expressed, so I know every bump in the road and quite a few shortcuts and scenic lookouts, too. If you’re tired of waiting for your turn, and you’re fed up with your needs always coming second, I’d love to be the coach in your corner. If you’re ready for that next step towards living your dreams and making your best contribution – and having a ton more fun – I’m the coach to call.

So whether it’s a book, or a course, or a show, and whether it’s about manifesting, or self-love, or painting yourself into the boldest and brightest picture of your life, it’s all about YOU stepping into the fullest possible fulfillment of your best dreams.

What is the best way to connect with you online?

Write to me directly at – I love to hear from you.

Learn more about my books, courses, coaching and get a free gift at my website here.

You’re invited to join my FB group here!

[Editor’s Note: I’m in there too!]

And subscribe to Paint Yourself Into the Picture!

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Reba is a true light in the world! I love how she shares her journey of self-discovery and love while encouraging others to be themselves and pursue the good things in their lives (like joy and love!). It aligns with my message and purpose so well!

If you want encouragement and inspiration, definitely connect with Reba! She’s awesome!

Intentional Writer Interview: Reba Linker
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