It’s the end of September (and the third quarter of 2016) which means it’s a great time to re-evaluate my use of the Chalkboard Method (for info on what it is and how I implemented it, check out my post here.).

In Quarter 3 (though honestly, I started using this method in August, so it was really just 2 months worth) I set intentions for the following areas:

  • Social followers

  • Clients

  • Speaking engagements

  • Guest posts/appearances

Let’s break down how these things worked out.

Social Following

My social media followings have steadily increased across the board. I know this because I recorded my followings at the beginning of this process and then regular monthly intervals on my “chalkboard.” I credit this growth to a few things:

  1. Having a consistent posting schedule.

  2. Tailoring my posts to the platforms in question.

  3. Spending time learning best practices and adjusting to reflect these.

  4. Pounding the pavement by researching and connecting with people who would like my posts.

For Quarter 4, I intend to spend more time on the following:

  • Tweaking my posts to drill down even further to best practices (and increase the possibility of viral sharing across platforms).

  • Researching and connecting with people primarily on Twitter and Instagram to get the best hashtags and engagement on these platforms.

  • Coming up with additional Pinterest graphics for high performing blog posts and key elements of my message that are important for me to spread.


This is an area I plan to learn more about and spend more time. While I did have movement in this area, I didn’t achieve my intentions around this (as of writing this blog post). I’m comfortable with this because I hadn’t spent time on this before (researching or otherwise) and the result let me know that:

  1. Despite not spending time on this in the past, I was still able to have some movement (which I credit to the Chalkboard Method).

  2. I have more to learn in this area.

So, moving forward, I’m going to:

  1. Spend time creating a testimonial page.

  2. Share testimonials on social media (especially Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram).

  3. Work on building my email list with the Love Challenge (working title – and more to follow on this!).

  4. Directly reaching out to people who would benefit from my coaching.

  5. Print swag.

Speaking Engagements

This is another area where I want to spend more time. I didn’t work on connecting with organizations about speaking in Quarter 3 because frankly, I didn’t feel like I had everything together for it (even though I feel confident in my speaking ability, I felt half-cocked with my materials etc). Also, I had a lot of other things I was pushing out in August, which made it hard for me to spend time on this (even though it would benefit a number of areas of my work).

I did get a speaking engagement I really wanted however – I spoke at Juniata College at the Peace and Conflict Studies department about non-traditional careers and fostering peace. It worked out better than I imagined: I got to spend time with my advisor, connect with a writer friend (BONUS!), and I got a video of the speech (which once available, I will have at least excerpts if not the whole speech here on the site!).

In Quarter 4 (and once I have the speaking video on my site) I intend to reach out to the following to do some speaking:

  • Community clubs

  • Faith communities

  • My graduate studies program

  • Local colleges

  • Libraries

Guest Posts & Appearances

I blew my guest post intention out of the water with more than I expected (thanks in large part to Facebook Group connections). I was really excited about this, but it got me feeling like maybe I could spend a little more time on other kinds of things, because this was so easy for me to achieve.

I had better luck with posts than I did with podcasts, mostly because I have not spent a lot of time researching podcasts (although I do have a podcast recording happening September 29).

I really would prefer to do more podcasts than guest posts because of the fun banter that happens in podcasts. That said, both allow me to make connections with awesome people AND get my message in front of more people (which means I have greater impact and potential to make the world a better place!).

So for Quarter 4, I intend to do the following:

  • Aim for fewer guest posts that are highly targeted and or paying bylines (about 2-4 monthly).

  • Spend more time researching podcasts and ask for referrals from podcasters.

  • Pitch one podcast biweekly.

Other Intentions

It’s clear I need to spend more time encouraging readers to get the Compassion Letter because this is a way for me to spread my message and positively impact more people on a deeper level. Of the things I mentioned above, the following are directly tied to this:

  • The Love Challenge (I’ll say more about this soon!)

  • Inviting challenge participants to my private Facebook Group (so far just available to Heart Unboxed Students).

  • Creating testimonial pages.

  • Speaking engagements.

On top of attracting more subscribers, I’ve decided it is time to add income intentions. Honestly, this hasn’t been an active intention because I didn’t think I was worthy (I talk about that in this post here). Now that I’ve done all the self-work I needed to do and honed my message, it’s time to get cracking!

I’ve got to think about this carefully because I need to decide what my income intentions should look like at the beginning, and how I want them to grow (otherwise, how would I know if I’ve done what I set out to do?). I do have a minimum annual income that I need to reach by June 2017, which is VERY doable. In order to reach it, I’ve figured out how many students, coaching clients, and or books I’d need to sell.

To reach my income intentions, on top of doing the marketing elements listed above I’ve decided to do the following:

  1. Every blog post will have some income element associated with it. This will be either sponsored brand collaboration, affiliate links, or a call to action to my own work (and sometimes there will be a combination).

  2. I plan to go back to older posts and infuse them with income elements as listed above.

  3. I will focus on hitting my monthly and quarterly intentions/goals related to income (so they’ll be listed on my “chalkboard” and in my ad hoc bullet journal).

Here Comes Quarter 4!

I’m excited about the last 3 months of 2016. I feel like the Chalkboard Method was a helpful exercise for Quarter 3 and so I’ll continue to use it to track my progress and focus on my intentions (as well as recommend it to coaching clients who want to up-their intention-setting!).

What do you plan to do for the last three months of 2016? Leave a comment below!

2016 Quarter 3 Intention Report
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