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It’s important for me to share my message because I believe it will have a huge positive impact on many people.

I’ve known this for a long time, but I hoarded my message anyway.

Hoarding my message and making it unclear on my site and social channels did nobody good. It kept me from reaching people because I wasn’t sharing it AND when someone DID come into contact with my message, well, they had to hunt for it like a paleontologist digging dinosaur bones.

It was hidden. Really. Stupidly. Hidden.

7 Ways to Spread Your Message & Maximize Your Impact - Do these things to blow past your goals!

Fortunately through the guidance of my blogger friends (namely Shawna Ainslie and Stacia Fleegal), a free Pinterest challenge by Melyssa Griffin, and some serious introspection, I was able to make some major adjustments.

If you’ve been a steady reader of this blog, you know my site has undergone some major visual changes lately. Part of it was spurred on by a user experience request. I had a request to change some font colors, and as I came upon it, I realized how visually CONFUSING my site was. But it wasn’t just the visuals. I didn’t have a handle on what I was doing because I wasn’t ready to embrace it – which was why my visuals sent mixed messages. How could I have a clear site if I didn’t know my message?

And then, quite suddenly, I fully embraced my message and my action steps got very clear very quickly.

Things I’ve changed in the last few weeks:

  • fonts

  • page background

  • page foreground

  • about page (created!)

  • added some testimonials to homepage

  • switched welcome banner/call-to-action

  • continue to practice Chalkboard Method

  • continue building rituals into my daily life

  • changed bio

  • reached out to other writers

  • left comments on blogs in niche that I liked for one reason or another

  • shared more content from others that I like – especially through Pinterest

  • left comments on social posts that I like – especially Instagram

  • shifting post title practices

The Messenger is the Message

A lot of people talk about branding, and honestly, this is not a “business” blog, but…. But…

If you want to build a certain lifestyle, that includes your work. That means we have to talk a little bit about business. I’m going to hash out the most important lessons I’ve learned (in no particular order) about spreading and amplifying your message – because even if you’re just selling hand-made doilies on Etsy as a hobby, you have a message (i.e. “these doilies are AH-MAZING!”).

  1. Your message deserves to be in the world. If you love it – if it’s your driving purpose and gives you joy, it doesn’t matter if it’s an ebook about cat-grooming or a widget that helps you grow Chia quicker and easier. If it’s important to you, it deserves to be in the world.

  2. If you are blocking your message from getting out, you need outside help. Period. This is why there are coaches. This is why there are classes. Get one. Really. It will speed everything up. While it is possible to figure it out on your own, it takes a lot longer, with a lot more stress. Save yourself the time and energy – it’s worth it.

  3. Figure out who you are preaching to – who is your audience? Who wants your message? What words do they use? Where do they hang out online? Know them better than you know yourself.

  4. Find social media profiles that attract your ideal audience. Find the people who share their posts. Then go through, spending 20 minutes to 1 hour a day, liking, commenting, and sharing those fan posts. This is how you get on the radar of your ideal audience base.

  5. Follow the best practices for the platform. On Etsy? Read every top-seller tip you can get your hands on. Twitter is where your audience hangs out? Read up on building a Twitter following and do exactly what the top influencers did to get where they are. Rinse and repeat as needed.

  6. There are shiny bits everywhere. Don’t worry about them. Don’t try every single strategy or network. There’s no point. You’ll overload your brain and do badly at everything. Pick a handful of things and do them well. You’ll get invites to different start-ups once you get to a certain level. If you have a social media manager, this may be in the realm of possibility for you. If not, be gracious and maintain your focus.

  7. Tie everything to your main message – including the images, fonts, and colors of your feeds and site. If it doesn’t align with your message, cut it.

Bonus tip: You may not be ready to hear some of these bits of advice. You may not know how to implement them. If someone keeps saying the same thing to you – you should probably take a minute to consider it. If you don’t understand it, find someone who does to teach you.

If you’re not there yet…

If you’re not ready to do these things, one of the two things is going on:

  • You’re not ready to share your message.

  • You don’t really know what your message is.

It’s okay if you’re not ready and it’s okay if you don’t really know what your message is. This is where a class or coach will make a HUGE difference to your life. This is where a community makes a huge difference. I’ve talked about how these impact other parts of life, but what’s good for you is also good for your work (really).

If you’re not sure about coaching, consider a journal guide. As you feel ready to jump in – look into classes that will clear things up for you. When in doubt, go to the deepest root – yourself. When you clear up any issues you have with yourself, you will clarify everything else (and it has benefits across all aspects of life, rather than just work!).

Try it. You’ll like it. Really.

Want to jump into this journey and work on yourself completely? Enroll in the Heart Unboxed: How to Love the Unloveable which will clarify issues you have in yourself, help you address them, and make a positive impact on the world! Click here to enroll now!

Want to talk more about all this? Contact me here to schedule a chat! I’d love to help you on your journey!

7 Ways to Spread Your Message & Maximize Your Impact
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