Today, for the first time I have an intentional writer who is primarily a blogger (although she’s published a variety of books too and does a bit of everything!)! Lauren Stewart is a writer, editor, blogger, teacher, and coach after my own heart! She’s all about helping others live a healthy life from a holistic perspective (focusing on plant-based wellness).* Enjoy!Interview with Lauren Stewart

Tell us a little about you.

Hi! I’m a writer, editor, and blogger. I specialize in writing services for those in the health and wellness business, and on my own blog I write about plant-based eating plus using self-care and mindfulness to remedy issues like emotional eating and anxiety. I’m also currently training to become a certified health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. In my spare time, you’ll find me coming up with healthier vegan versions of traditional desserts (I published an ebook with some of my favorites), journaling and writing poetry or reading, and spending time with my pets and family.

[Editor’s Note: I’m a huge fan of journaling for a whole BUNCH of reasons – and this was how I started writing too!]

When and why did you start writing?

I started writing very young, I believe around age four, when my mom bought me my first journal. I’ve kept one every year since then, along with blogging as soon as that became a thing. I’ve always seen writing as a fascinating way to document where you are in life, look back on where you used to be, and to act as an outlet when you need to work through things. Writing also allows you to express your unique emotions and insights about life with others who may desperately need to hear them. This has always been appealing to me because I grew up very shy and was more articulate through writing than through speaking. When I got older and developed my passion for health and wellness, that became what I wanted to write about and share with people the most.

Why do you blog?

I think it’s important to share my personal perspective on healthy living and self-care. There are so many different opinions in the health arena about how we should live, but since people are still struggling with their physical and emotional health, it’s obvious there isn’t one approach that works for us all. I eat a plant-based/vegan diet for health and ethical reasons, so it’s a permanent part of my life. I know other people hold a similar philosophy but suffer through emotional/binge eating and/or may not know the best way to take care of themselves to be healthy physically and emotionally. I blog for those people and anyone who identifies with my specific approaches.

If there is one thing you’d want people to do after reading your blog, what would it be?

To know they deserve to be kind to themselves and that they hold the power to change whatever is holding them back in life. I talk a lot about my struggles with disordered eating and anxiety because I’ve noticed most people who also struggle with these think they are alone — and that couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s a lot of power in realizing that other people understand.

What is the best way to connect with you online?

Social media! I love connecting with people on Twitter and Instagram (handle is @plantyourpeace on both). For my latests blog posts (and to join my free 8-day self-care challenge) you can find my website here! I also have a closed plant-based wellness support group on Facebook you can request to join here.

From Here

I really resonate with this – there is no one way that works for everyone. Because we all come to life with different worldviews, experiences, and personalities, there is a deep need for different voices. Different voices will help us at different times in different ways. There is a blog, book, and coach for all of us at every step of the journey. I love Lauren’s voice – and if you want guidance with plant-based wellness, be sure to check out her blog, books, and group!

*Note: I’ve included some Amazon affiliate links to items that I feel will benefit you and support both Lauren (when you purchase her book through the image) and myself (I get a small commission from any purchases through the images). If you value our work, please consider supporting us in this way (and begin your transformation journey today!)!

Intentional Writer Interview: Lauren Stewart
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