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“Nature abhors a vacuum” could be the motto of the Chalkboard Method. It helps you create space in areas where you want to attract things (a system to set intentions!).  

About two weeks ago, I recognized I reached another moment of spinning my wheels.

I do something new, I get a little traction. I reach a certain place, and get stuck. That’s when I have to reassess what I’m doing and change my behavior. I want a new result, which means I need to do something new.

If I want to transform my whole life, I have to commit to the transformation. The old tools weren’t working anymore. I was in uncharted territory. That meant I needed to try something different.

I came across the Chalkboard Method, through a random Instagram post by fellow coach and speaker, Brandy Walker (check out her site here). The Chalkboard Method is something that the women of the Being Boss Podcast discuss as an avenue for achieving goals through intention setting (they talk about it in this episode here and there’s a free printable!).

All you do is create space to allow the things to come into your life. You decide what you want, create the space, and then let it work. It should be a visual thing you can see on a regular basis. I made mine on a piece of 8×11 cardstock and place it prominently beside my laptop wherever I’m working.

I decided to focus on a few areas on a quarterly basis (3 month increments). Even though I started in the middle of a quarter, I thought this would be a good way to continue with the process, so I considered myself starting in Quarter 3 for 2016. Here are the areas I put on my “Chalkboard:”

  • Guest posts/articles

  • Podcast guesting

  • Speaking

  • Followers

  • Students

  • Coaching clients

  • Extra awesomeness (because that way I can be open to whatever awesome may show up in my professional life!)

My chalkboard - it was a little scary to list things out, but once I did, I found it motivating to see it every day!

I did this on August 9 and eagerly awaited my results.

What Happened

First, I should say this could work for any area of life (I’d recommend it to coaching clients as one possible tool to use based on the quick results I’ve experienced). Low and behold, my approach to social media changed…again. I started doing research. I started engaging with people. I commented on blogs with related content. My following nudged forward. My posts got shared around a bit more. I edged my way into relevant groups and boards.

I never used to do that. Why? Because I didn’t have that space beckoning to be filled.

I started asking questions. I started putting myself out there. I took classes and gathered possibilities around me. I recorded a whole mass of guided exercises to add to my course (to find out more click here!). I pitched guest posts – and quickly got some! I approached people who I respect to be part of my interview series. I asked people to invite others to contact me (Incidentally, if you want to read something specific, let me know! If you have an author or teacher who you want me to showcase, let me know here!). I set up a survey for my newsletter subscribers. I thought about ways to connect with coaching clients and students for my class.

I went from thinking that I was stuck to feeling like there were so many things I could do, I had to figure out which to focus on first (in fact I have so many things, I had to slow down my thinking and focus on one thing at a time!)!

It’s an exciting thing to be doing more – to be working in alignment with my goals and spreading my message. I’m reaching more people, changing more lives, and making the world a better place by doing these things (which is awesome!)!

I think I’ll check out bullet journals as a second tool for transformation (another recommendation I’ve been seeing around). If it works as well as the Chalkboard Method, I can’t wait to see the transformation!

Have you tried the chalkboard method? Used something else that was awesome? Leave a comment below!

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Want results? Make a vacuum!
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