I always meditate before I write, but this post went beyond. It is literally inspired – a call to open your heart and become a beacon of light in the world. After the last few weeks, it’s good to be reminded this can be done and it WILL be done. I see it. I believe in you.

Everywhere we look, we see hate. Do we think this is the only thing?

It grows big, crowding out the good of life. How does it grow so big?

There is a story often cited, where each one of us holds two wolves within us. One is all light and goodness, the other destruction and darkness. The one who grows is the one that is fed.


When you look at the newspaper, do you read the headline and say to yourself, “Oh no! Another day full of misery!”? Why would you do such a thing?

Do we want misery? Is that what we think we deserve? Is that what we think humanity deserves?

Have we damned ourselves to some kind of hell?

Shouldn’t we forgive instead? Shouldn’t we forgive ourselves? Don’t we realize, this is the only thing that allows us safe passage – forgiveness born of love?

Here is what we should say when we open the paper: “Bless those people with love and light! Wrap them with mercy and justice! Rain down peace and joy!”

It does not matter if the person is a criminal. It does not matter if they are a terrorist. It does not matter if they are a billionaire mogul or a bought and paid for politician. For each, say the same: “Bless those people with love and light! Wrap them with mercy and justice! Rain down peace and joy!” For you do not know the role they play. You do not know their importance.

That photograph, headline, and story – it’s just a moment.

We do not know the end of this story – in fact, there is no end. All we have is a moment’s snapshot – a fragment of filament in a great tapestry continuously woven. We do not know what this filament leads to. We do not know what it could create. Don’t get trapped by imagined catastrophe! Even through destruction, beauty, wonder, and miracles are wrought.

This is the tendency of all things – towards beauty and wonder. This is the tendency of the human heart – towards love. Just as growing plants bend towards the light, humans bend towards love.

Here’s the truth of the thing – you hold in you light. You ARE light. You hold all the goodness of everything in the center of you. You hold all the possible beauty of experience in you. There are worlds within worlds in your heart and mind – places an outsider can only dream of entering.

What is the path to entry? Action.

Feed the good wolf - spread the light.

The things you do, dear one, are the path to your heart.

Every word, bitter or sweet, shows the truth of your heart. Every expression and act shows the truth of your being.

I know you by your words. I know you by your actions. And I will know when you transform, just the same.

These things you do, they feed the wolves of others. The things you do, they cast light or darkness.


This is the power you hold – the possibility of your moment and filament.

Are you lost? Do you wonder what I mean? Do you look around and say, “I want this, but where do I start?”

Sweet one, your mission starts now. It starts here. Take your heart out, let it shine. Spread the light.


Not sure where to start? Start by sharing the reminder this CAN be done. And then, preorder The Heart Unboxed: How to Love the Unloveable here. The course will help change your ability to love yourself and others – it will help you turn into a beacon of light in ways you didn’t know were possible. I know because it’s the process I did and it has brought more love, peace, and joy to every aspect of my life. And I want it to do the same for you. You deserve to love and be loved.

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