When I woke this morning, this poetic message was in my heart.

Do not keep silent! Writers, will you answer the call?


I call you. I name you. I seek you out. I demand you declare your allegiance. Look up! Do you hear it? Will you answer?

The call rings out, reverberating across the Earth.

Come forth!



Reality shapers!


Take up the pen! Unleash your tongues! Rain down your words and ideas upon the nations for in such a rain, falseness, pretense, and indifference meet their destruction!

I know you hear the people cry. I know you feel them!

Need aches. Teeth gnash. Skin bleeds. Tears fall.

Bare your heart on the page! Showcase truth as a luminous pearl – a jewel reflecting light as none other. Hold up the mirror of truth to the powerful and the low alike, declaring “Here you are, warts and all,” without intention to shame. Even as you hold up a mirror, offer your arms. For even as you seek new paths, you shall wrap the masses with sweet words of acceptance.

Write! Don't mince your words! Spread your story!

Don’t mince your words. Don’t close your mouths or bite your tongue. If you keep silent, do so only to bide your time until the message demands voice. If you keep silent, do so only to maximize your effect.

The power of words is ancient and forgotten – hidden in plain sight! The people walk by it, thinking it a dilapidated thing, worthless, and unimportant, forgetting what a turn of phrase can do. It’s an art known to charlatans, used like sleight of hand on a street corner, presenting a pretty face, as they puncture a vein.

But you – dear writers – you forge such platinum in your hands! You drop gems from your lips! And those nearby, hungry, snatch them up, twisting them in their palms, marveling at them, wondering at you, even if you clothe yourself in rags.

Be generous! Scatter your gems along all routes – a perfected Midas touch where they multiply, enjoyed by all, freely given!

Precious shaper of imaginaries – precious world builder – the people groan and whimper. Their hearts starve as their minds wither, so hungry are they, they seek any shining thing along the road.

Can’t you feed them? Can’t you fill them?

Recall ancient stories, held in our bodies. This is the power of the Word – long after the last utterance, it stays with us.

Churn the letters! Ink the pen! Take a breath!

Then, my dear writer, write!


If you doubt your importance or ability to contribute your words, please read this. If this resonates with you, you may want to join the Intentional Writers group to connect with kindred spirits here.

If you want to read more intentional writing, check out interviews with writers in a variety of genres here.

Do not keep silent!
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