While there are different kinds of freedom that can be essential to our health, the connections between us can be our salvation.



I had a moment last week that was the most freeing I’ve felt in ages. It was better than modeling. It was better than decluttering. It was better than quitting my corporate job.


It really was that good.

What was this amazing liberating freeing experience?

I outlined my forthcoming ecourse. Then I wrote out the content for four modules. Yes. Four modules were done in a few days. The whole time I was writing, my body continuously relaxed. I couldn’t stop smiling and sighing. It just felt like such a huge relief. I didn’t want to stop, it felt so good.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt like that before.

Why did I feel that way? What was so liberating about writing an ecourse outline and developing its content?

Last week I talked about self-sabotage and getting in my way. I have been talking about developing an ecourse for months now, and still hadn’t done it. I kept putting it off for one reason or another. I kept getting in my way because somewhere deep down, I didn’t want to be successful. I was afraid of what that would do – of being found out or somehow lacking.

Thankfully I stumbled onto Morgana Rae and realized what I was doing to myself. I realized I was hurting myself and stopping myself from helping others. That’s silliness – I mean, it is the exact opposite from what I need and want.

So I did something about it. I followed some of her steps, just free on the website and in interviews various places. I did some serious meditation and grounding. I got real with myself and the shackles came off.

My laptop, brainstorming, and some shackles...off.

True Independence

There are levels to freedom. There’s freedom to and from. There’s financial freedom, religious freedom, and freedom of speech. There’s the freedom of choice. There’s personal independence. There’s business freedom – being outside of a corporate entity and representing one’s own work (like indie pubbing, for example).

There’s also the freedom that comes from letting go of old restrictions, grudges, regrets, or mistakes. There’s freedom in simplicity – in letting things go.

When someone says “freedom” I’m rarely sure what they mean, because I think of all these things. I think of them, but I also think about the fact that no one is truly independent. Nothing is completely isolated or alone in this world – we’re interconnected in ways we can’t fully understand or know. Often tragedy is the first we recognize how connected we are – how much support we have and how many people counted on us or were touched by us in some way.

Living in Oakland at the end of my pregnancy, with no source of income, Christian and I thought we were alone. And if we had been alone, without anyone loving us, we would have failed miserably. We would have been in truly dire straits. But that was not the case. We thought we were alone because we didn’t have all the information. We had no idea how many people loved us – how many people thought of us and wanted good things for us. We had no idea that strangers from across the country and world, and acquaintances from different eras in our lives were supporting us in every way they could.

We were hardly independent.

Palette art, American Flag at Zaca Mesa Tasting Room.

Standing Together

Thinking of “independence” as “standing alone” is bullshit. It’s just not true. There is no such thing.

So while I celebrate my freedom from these internal bonds, enjoy my freedom of speech and the ability to believe what I want without interference, I recognize we are connected. You, dear reader, and I, even if we’ve never met, are connected. Whether you’re sitting in Tallahassee, or in Mauritius, we’re connected. You are not an island, or an isolate. You and I are members of the human race. We’re interdependent in ways that aren’t always clear, but trust me when I say, what you do affects me, and what I do affects you. I’m affecting you right now with these words.

That’s the power of connection. That’s the power of interdependence. Recognizing and accepting that can be a kind of liberation – but it has nothing to do with independence.

For more thoughts on interdependence, check out my post on guides and community here..

For more of my personal story transforming life challenges into opportunity, pick up my memoir here.

What do you think about freedom? What kind of freedoms or connections do you enjoy? Leave a comment below!

Revealing the Freedom Truth
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