I’m a bit of a binge watcher and reader. Netflix is a dangerous thing for me. So are book series – when I have free time to read (This is more dangerous than say, audio books because I will read through the night if the writing encourages it.).

I’ve also gotten neck deep in business strategies and tactics as my thinking shifts, so I’ve had a lot on my mind and I really don’t want to talk about the esoteric inner workings of online businesses.


As for my genre stimulus, I’m in a bit of a lull. I’ve got almost a month before my regularly scheduled programming picks back up and there’s really nothing holding my interest on TV these days (I’m loathe to start Penny Dreadful without a palette cleanser). I’m about to start an audio book, but it’s theologically inclined, so I don’t think it works for a Tuesday Coffee Talk.

It seems like now is a good time to recap some of what’s been on my mind in the past year, and wow – has there been a lot! In no particular order, here are my favorite 8 coffee talks (according to shares, social comments, and of course, Google Analytics) for your enjoyment. Click the post title to read them (and bookmark this one so you can read them all!):

These Gods Are Human – I talk about cosmologies, especially Christian ones and how they are depicted in fiction.

Good and Evil are Choices – Not only is Charlie Cox amazing as Daredevil, but the writing is phenomenal. Empathy and compassion are major themes in the show (so there’s more than one reason to watch it…ahem).

Season 1 Official Netflix Poster of Daredevil, because this gives us an excuse to look at that perfect smirk.

My Family History: Covered Hair & Freedom – History teaches us a lot about the present, but what happens when it’s forgotten? I talk covered hair in Christianity and the persecution of difference.

Marvel Universe Does Empathy – Even in a movie like Captain America: Civil War with apparently shallow themes, there are other deeper questions around emotional maturity and empathy.

Lucid Dreamer, A.K.A. Gamer, A.K.A. Deity – I get philosophical and metaphysical talking about my special dream powers (and I blame it all on meditation!).

Diversity of Story Isn’t Always Good: Thoughts on Deadpool – When I say “diversity” I mean story arc and characterizations, not identities. Anti-hero stories aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, and Deadpool is a prime example.

Sesame Street and the Glorious Human Color Palette – If we want to spread compassion, we need to consider the kinds of stories our children consume. Sesame Street is an oldie, but a goodie.

Characters are people too! – I love reading blog and social posts from character perspectives. Here’s a round-up of authors doing this!

Want to read my thoughts about something in particular? Send me a note or comment below!

My Favorite 8 Coffee Talks
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