The Khloe Alwell Series had a complete cover overhaul!

So much happened this past week. So much can change in such a short time.

Let me explain:

  • I took several workshops online.

  • I decided to retool my newsletter to better reflect my purpose/goals.

  • I was interviewed for a really fun podcast on faith and culture called Twelve Enough (the episodes will be available some time in May).

  • I went to the AWP 16 conference in LA on Saturday.

  • I finished tweaking the covers for Khloe Alwell and finally put them up on Smashwords and my site (Amazon will take a little longer because the print covers require more finesse).

Now I’m standing at a mountain top, looking down at the valley, noticing the landscape. I see the places where the traffic crawls and where trees overwhelm buildings. I see where storm run-off collects and flees to the ocean. I see where the wires run, where the heart of the city lies. I know what needs to happen in this next part of my journey. It’s clear from where I stand.

If you had asked me a month ago what my focus would be, I wouldn’t have been clear. I was excited then for the surprises (I’m always excited about that) but I didn’t have a good understanding of what steps I personally should take. It was more of a, “Let’s go with my gut and see what happens.” Now it’s more, “Wow, my gut really knew what was going on! Now I see how these things fit together!”

As such, I’m learning that plans are good, but being willing to let them go and pursue opportunities as they present themselves is better.

Keeping this in mind, here are my plans for this week:

  • Get SIX DEGREES into print format.

  • Tweak Khloe covers for POD and get them up on Amazon etc.

  • Call my friend/professional connection to discuss conference proposal ideas.

  • Set up additional resource pages and contact influencers referenced.

  • Contact influencers whose work I used and give them feedback about techniques.

  • Contact my friend/professional connection to discuss collaborative work.

  • Continue in newsletter tweaking process.

  • Blog.

  • Meditate.

Based on the last few weeks, it appears I’m going through a major professional change. There’s still more to come. It’s fascinating to watch the beginning of this transformation, and exciting to wonder at the final result. Whatever it will be, the pace quickens…

What professional transformations have you experienced? Leave a comment below!

Awesome Change, Surprising Clarity
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