christine alexis virgins of the screen.

Miracles do happen.

The sky is partly cloudy. The air is cool. This weather does something wonderful to the air. It smells better. There’s something that happens between 50 and 60 F that feels like magic.

That is a daily piece of magic – of miracle.

Then there’s the median strip in the highway covered with mustard, lupin, daisies, lilies, and other wild flowers. It is glorious. And as I drive down the freeway, nestled between mountains and ocean, I can’t help but feel a bubbling joy.

Last week was one miraculous thing after another for me: I went to a wonderful writing conference, met wonderful people, had poems published, gave a talk (that made people laugh and cry – seriously), shared my knowledge and connections with my new writing friends, and collaborated on a conference proposal with a fantastic human being. This is in addition to scheduling my newsletter and blogging daily.

I am a little starstruck by everything that happened last week. When I think about it, I look at this week and every following it, and I wonder what wonderful surprises await. Last week was such an amazing and pleasant surprise. I’m excited to see how life with pleasantly surprise me this week!

That said, I do have a few intentions. Because schedules were very directed over the past two weeks, I’m finding that I must revisit some goals:

  • I’d really like to get SIX DEGREES into print. This will likely take 3 days time.

  • I need to follow up with recent connections over future speaking engagements.

  • There’s a planned blog post for tomorrow that will highlight a few friends’ fiction efforts.

  • I want to get a resource page on the site along with my Stations of the Cross paintings and meditations.

  • It would be great if I could at least record audio segments of my speeches to have up on the site, however this is dependent on a lot of outside factors.

  • Online course development will likely begin this week.

Of course, in addition to this list, I will continue my regular schedule of blogging. After I get SIX DEGREES into print, I’m going to get very intentional about publishing essays and stories in various outlets. I’m also weighing different options for my fiction. I’m very seriously considering making my fiction into serial subscriptions. I let that idea simmer for some time, but now that SIX DEGREES is well on its way, I feel the need to return to the question. I took a break from all fiction during the launch, and now that I have openings in my schedule, it feels like a good time to explore various avenues. Along those lines things I’m considering are:

  • Channillo for Khloe – as in serialized subscription for each book, or the whole series with a chapter available weekly (which will take subscribers through several years of writing).

  • I would consider a similar medium for the Rollins Pack.

  • THE CHANGELING TREE looks really attractive to me as a writing project. Whenever I do a character blog post from that universe, I find myself drawn to Rowan. It’s the perfect book – space for as many layers as I want and a ton of background info present already (anticipated layers – spirituality, social theory, environmental science, and identity politics).

  • STAKES is another one I’d like to get back to, though I feel mixed about the endeavor. I’d like to explore Gwen’s story, but I’m not as drawn to it right now. I don’t see it as clearly as I see Rowan’s for example. That one may have to wait for a little while…

As you can see, there is a lot going on in my writing life. It’s a wonderful and beautiful experience and it never stops.

What plans do you have this week – professionally or otherwise? Leave a comment below and let’s encourage each other!

My Miraculously Mundane Week
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