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At noon today I’m giving my talk, “Thrive: 3 Keys to Super Resilience.” The keys that lead to resilience are related to self-worth. Self-worth is a struggle for many people because they don’t understand or can’t remember a few important things about themselves.

If this is you, and you were here right now, and I could only tell you a few things, they would be:

  • You are important.

  • You are loved.

  • Nothing you or anyone else does changes this.

These are the most important things for you to know about you. All the good stuff that happens comes from this.

If you were here right now and I could tell you only a few things about others, they would be:

  • They are important.

  • They are loved.

  • Nothing you or anyone else does changes this.

It’s simple, and yet it can’t be overstated. I can’t tell you these things enough.

With love,


3 Big Truths About Us
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