This is actually chai latte from a box at a shop, but this is how I am today.

My eyelids are swollen and I’m a bit groggy, so bear with me. This is will be to the point even for me.

I just came back from my first writing conference ever (BinderConLA!!). It was a complete surprise to be able to go, and if I had planned it, I definitely would have had business cards (or some kind of swag something).

As it was, I did get a lot out of it, but I’ll write more about that on Wednesday (so be sure to check it out!).

Because of the conference and my preschooler being sick last week, my intended work schedule got completely axed.

As such, what did I do last week?

  • Blogged

  • Meditated

  • Networked

  • Brainstormed for speed pitches (like speed dating but for writers)

  • Followed through on speed pitches

  • Enjoyed a blissful evening alone in a hotel (I’m an introvert – it was heavenly!)

This week I expect to:

  • Send a few additional things to a pub that accepted my speed pitch

  • Tweak an essay that an editor thought looked promising and send it to her

  • Follow up on the introductions I promised at the conference

  • Send some thank yous

  • Tweak my speech for Thursday

  • Run through my speech

  • Blog

  • Meditate

  • Go to bed at a reasonable hour

What does your week look like? Also, what hot beverage are you drinking today? And, how good does it smell?

Now, I’m getting coffee.

With love,


The Grind continues, groggy or not.
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