Spring poppies in a field

This is an exciting day in several ways.

When I got out of bed this morning, I threw open the window and let a glorious spring breeze blow through our bedroom. The scent on the air continues to be perfect, even after noon. The sky is blue. I can hear birds singing. This alone put a smile on my face.

In another type of excitement, my preschooler is throwing up mucous. He keeps coughing and swallowing, and filled his little belly full of gross until it was too much and made its way back out. This happened twice before breakfast. Studying the internet, it appears he has no real worrying signs, and this just happens to be par for the course. Still, Kiddo is subdued, and any plans we had of going anywhere with him are off the table, mostly because avalanches of gross in the car or stores are frowned upon.

Needless to say, we’re keeping a close eye on his symptoms, and not just to make sure we’re wiping his nose in a timely fashion.

The most exciting news for me however, is my phone appointment to plan a collaborative workshop with the lovely Amy O. I’m very excited about this, and we’ll see where it goes (I’ll keep you updated).

Beyond the excitement of today, is the excitement for my week. I began a process last week to explore online course development related to THRIVE (in particular my THRIVE talks), as well as SIX DEGREES. Not only did I make a larger plan for integrating different aspects of my work (fiction, non-fiction, demographics etc) but also outlined specific courses.

I’m not sure how long the courses will take to upload, but outlining the content will go quickly because I already have everything necessary to do it. In fact, I may find myself finished with everything by the end of the week (though who knows?).

On top of these course plans, I will revisit my beloved SIX DEGREES and format them for print.

To top off all this, I’ve got a bit of tweaking and expanding that I’ll need to do for my talk on March 24 at First Baptist Church.

So yes, I’m busy again. I feel good about it – just writing about it gets me excited and bubbly. I know I’ll get it done, along with meditating and caring for a convalescing preschooler, because that’s how I roll.

Invoking superpowers,


Today's Excitement: Goals and Goo?
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