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If you are sitting down, get up. Do something. Anything!

Whatever it is that is going on – do something about it. If you’re unhappy with anything in your life or the world, figure out what would make you happier and do that – work for that.

One of the things that is laughable is someone complaining about a situation when they refuse to act.

I know the first step can be a little tricky for many because it may be something new. Maybe it’s just scary because it involves countering all the years of programming and voices saying “It can’t be done,” and “This isn’t for you,” or “There’s only so much.”


Figure out what you want to have happen, what would make you happy, and then take small steps towards it. Listen to your gut and it will never steer you wrong (here’s a post with instructions how to do this).

I’m on the journey too. I’ve had moments where I was a whiny hot mess (Hasn’t everyone?). I’ve had times when I was afraid of acting (It may not seem like it, but it’s true.). There have been times where I was so clear about what I wanted, but my own deeply rooted feelings of unworthiness kept me from moving forward.

Or sabotaging my success.

Yes. I have been the architect of previous failures.

And sitting there after my failures, looking around at the chaos and mess, it would be easy to think that was all there was. Looking around at the world and the horrors here, it is possible to feel hopeless and become devoutly fatalist.

But it’s not.

There is so much more. There are infinite possibilities. But you have to act. You have to do something. You can’t sit around waiting for something to happen and think it will automatically take you to your shining castle on a hill.

Thriving requires action. It requires self-work. It requires learning about yourself and what you want. Thriving takes commitment. It’s getting up in the morning when you didn’t sleep well the night before, and pushing through a blog post amid a partial brain fog because that is part of your commitment to yourself. It’s getting up and running your usual loop when you’d rather sleep in. It’s taking some time in the middle of the day to meditate because that time transforms you in body, mind, and spirit.

Once you take one step, the second is easier. The third and fourth are easier still. In a little while, you’re charging up a grade. Before you know it , you’re at the top wondering about the power of a single small step.

So today, take some time for one small step. Just one thing – it doesn’t matter how small – that pushes you towards where and who you want to be. I know you’ll do great. Go ahead – tell me about it in the comments below.

The Key to Thriving
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