One of the feminine archetypes is the Mother (me and my son when he was new).

Today is International Women’s Day.

I’m thinking about ovaries – about the marathon of birth. I’m thinking about menstruation. I’m thinking about the roles women fill on a daily basis, to keep our species going despite anything and everything that happens.

Yes. Women’s “work” is never done.

To those who are given great power comes great responsibility…

I’ve also been thinking about the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone – symbols of women’s chapters in life. Most ancient societies had goddesses representing these archetypes. The power of each place in a woman’s life was recognized and embodied in myth, if not in the society’s cosmology.

These archetypes are often tied to the Fates (associated with the Greek pantheon, though the concept comes out in different ways in different societies). The Fates were three goddesses who determined the destiny of each person. Standing outside time and space, these goddesses called souls forth, placing them in life situations. Forever they measured and cut lives, eventually sending them back to the Underworld.

The Fates determined the nature of reality – three goddesses connected to archetypal femininity. The ruler of the gods – a man with a spear and sometimes armor – didn’t determine how reality would be.

There’s a reason why.

The destiny of our species is tied to us – us women. That Divine Feminine is so essential to maintaining balance and progress.

Some women might say we should downplay this, but this is a disservice. Regardless of our unique bodies’ abilities or life choices, we cannot ignore sexual dimorphism. We cannot ignore that men are incapable of giving birth – they were not designed for this. Women’s bodies are designed for this – we were designed, our hormones, skeleton, organs – everything was designed with this express purpose.

This connects us – regardless of our bodies’ abilities or life choices – to the Creative Urge. The artistry and mystery that happens in Creation is directly connected to our bodies.

And we control its expression.

Women control this.

We decide how it will be.

We decide how the species continues – what is important to pass on to our children, the next generation born from women’s wombs. We lay the foundation for things to come. We fundamentally impact the nature of reality.

Our choices. Our bodies. Our power. We are so important. We matter so much. Whether we are child-free and independent, mothers raising the next generation, or wise-women giving guidance based on our experience, our impact is felt. Our fingerprints leave lasting marks everywhere we go.

So here I am, raising a glass to my glorious sisters. Without you, I would not be who I am. Thank you for all your gifts, for the marks you make, and the power you assert every day. You are amazing, and I love you so much.

In love and solidarity,


Goddesses, Creation, and You
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