What are you doing?

This is my two year-old’s favorite question these days. He learned it from me asking him at various points in the day. Sometimes I ask this when it’s quiet (potential troublemaking). Other times I ask when he’s being silly (like doing impromptu yoga on the sidewalk). Usually he asks when I’m playing with him, doing something that is commonly seen as failing the “adult test” (think: pretending to be a dinosaur, dancing like a muppet, or using silly voices).

But it’s a good question. It’s a question we need to ask ourselves every so often. Just what are we doing?

Are we living on purpose? Are we betraying our values? What are we doing? Who are we? Who do we say we are? Are these two things the same or different?


When I was a young child, I already had a sense of purpose. By adolescence, I was overwhelmed by my empathy, so much so, that I tried everything but my purpose. I got bits and pieces of it. I learned a lot through my systematic exploration of the world, but it was kind of like doing all the RPG video game side quests before even starting the main one.

Now the side quests are done.

*taps fingertips against table-top and looks around

So here we are, staring at the last path left – the last quest – the only one really worth doing.

Now, what am I doing?

Well, I asked myself some questions. I was only able to answer them after really looking at myself – loving all of me. This required forgiving myself and letting go of negative experiences and self-talk.

I dug deep and I know what happens next. I have a plan of action – to listen to my heart and to follow wherever it leads.

But what about you? What are you doing? Are you doing side quests or are you heading for the main event? Have you asked yourself the difficult questions? Have you listened to your heart? Are you following it? What are you doing?

Once you answer those, there’s other questions: Can I help you with your purpose? Yes. Will I? I hope I already am. Can you help me with mine? Yes. And the last question is, will you?


If you’re still asking questions, TRANSFORM TO THRIVE is a journal guide that may help you embrace you. Get a copy here!

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What are you doing?
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