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Be a beacon of light. Be love in action.

Dear Ones,

If Trump scares you, and the kind of things that are developing around him frighten you, then I have to tell you – do not be afraid. I have a plan. Help me bring it to fruition.

As people who believe in equality, in the beauty of cosmopolitanism, and the inherent value of each and every human being, we need to work to embody this. We need to be love in action.

This is not a small task, but it STARTS small. You can start small with tiny acts of love – a smile, a hug, or even forgiving the person in front of you who cut you off on the road.

For bigger acts, for a larger impact, we must educate ourselves in empathy and compassion. We must see our humanity, even in those with whom we disagree. Some may find this difficult, but when we see acts of anger and hate as the fruit of broken spirit, of fear, shame, or guilt, the path becomes clear.

My world religion curriculum is one way we can learn about one another and understand the differences as well as recognize the similarities. Teach it. My interfaith devotional is a way for us to see the personhood and universality of each human being. Use it. Tell others.

I believe that we can do amazing things together, but we cannot sit idly by. We must act. We must be vessels for love in action. We must be the voice of love. Though creed, religion, gender, race, and nationality could divide us, they need not. We are all sisters and brothers. I believe in our collective power.

None of us is alone in this. There is nothing we cannot do together.

Do not despair. Do not give in to fear. Do not lash out in anger.

Be love in action. When the world is dark, let your light shine. Fill your heart with love. Forgive anyone who needs forgiving. Heal the broken. Extend your hand in friendship. Wrap your arms around those who need comfort. Listen to those who need an ear.

Have faith in one another. Commit to love.

This is the only true path forward. Walk with me.

In love,


I have a plan, but I need your help.
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