The more I learn about matters of the spirit, the more convinced I am the only way to achieve any real human progress is through spiritual development. Now this is something anyone can do regardless of belief.

What do I mean?

I mean, in no uncertain terms, the only path towards resolving our worldly problems is to resolve the problems of our spirit.

This means, if we want to have basic human rights (political, social, economic, cultural etc), heal the environment, or any other good thing – if we are committed to making the world better, we must be committed to ourselves.

You cannot truly help someone if you have not resolved the issues you have with yourself. Your issues continue to impact everyone around you as long as they are unresolved. This is what I’ve been talking about with ideas – if ideas impact the world around you just by you thinking them, and your issues are ideas…

You may feed someone while volunteering at the food pantry one day, but what are your actions doing the rest of the week? Without addressing the needs of your spirit, you go back and forth like a pendulum – swinging from helpful to harmful from one thought or act to the next. The good act one day only does so much good.

This is not to say you shouldn’t do the good acts, say the kind words, think happy thoughts – you should. Please do. But recognize that until you have resolved any and all issues within yourself, your good has limits.

Now magnify this problem and spread it across billions of people. You see the issue here?

We’re walking around, our spirits in states of disarray, flailing through life, hoping to end up somewhere good, but because we’re not looking inside, we stumble every which way.

This is the greatest crisis because it is the root of all else – fear, shame, guilt, worthlessness – all these are the sick roots of poisonous plants spouting toxins all around, leaving horrors wherever they spread!

This is the lashing out, calling someone names because of how you react to their actions. This is the cruel action, drawing attention to someone else’s flaws because of how you react to them.

And you think your responses are somehow related to them – their behavior has made you this way.

This is a lie.

Snap out of it! Wake up!

Only you have the power to change this. Only ever you. Look inside – what hurts? Listen to your spirit. Let it speak. Listen to your heart – pay attention! This is a lost language, but it’s roots are in your very cells. No more precious words were spoken.

When you are angry, why are you angry? Is it because something aches in you? Is it some humiliation you experienced? Is it some judgment you’ve given yourself? When you are sad, why are you sad? What aches in you?

Reclaim your sovereignty. Bless it all. Fill every nook and cranny with light until your heart swells and the light overflows into every part of life. Does someone annoy you? Bless them. They are your teacher. Does someone’s nagging bother you? Bless them. They love you so much they give you reminders.

You are a vessel of grace. You are a vessel of change. In you, all things are possible, though you may not yet realize this.

First – love yourself. This is the beginning. This is the first step to peace, or God’s Kingdom, or Nirvana, or whatever final state there is. Forgive all your past actions. Accept your warts, wrinkles, sparkling strands, and all.

Second, enjoy what is. Relish the sounds around you. Relish the feeling of a soft cheek or a comfortable pillow. Be here, now. Love what is good. Enjoy what is good. Do more of this. Have more of this goodness.

Third, envision what will be, and bless it. Let your heart fill with beautiful thoughts, so that your joy and love is overwhelming.

Now, step joyfully forward, creating that beautiful vision, even as you enjoy the good of now.

Having done these things, you become a light wherever you are. Your smile is wide. Your step bounces. You are a vessel of love and grace, spreading this goodness wherever you go. It is the most glorious contagion. It is the wildest of flames! It is remarkable – leaving an imprint on each soul you touch.

Your prints are all over the place, shaping things in the most wonderful ways.

Now magnify this by billions.

You see where this is going?

So please address your spirit. This is path of real change – of wholeness and total peace. This is what leads to all other good things – the root of an abundant plant, with nourishing fruit, spreading good seeds and fragrance everywhere.

This is the revolution we all need.


This is not to say that you shouldn’t vote – you should. Vote or get registered! This is all to say that I believe real social change begins by changing the self. One way to begin this journey is through SIX DEGREES. Get my curriculum here and my devotional here!

This is the revolution you need.
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