My little superhero running to save the day.

Generally I use my Tuesday column to talk about whatever inspires me or scratches some part of my brain at that moment. Recently I’ve been thinking about my son.

It’s true that I think about Kiddo daily because I’m his primary care-giver. I think about what he’s doing and have to keep an eye on his energy level and moods. I have to make sure all his needs are met. These things are part of the job description of “parent.”

However, I’ve been thinking about who he is as a person.

I’ve been thinking about Kiddo…

  • Picking up magnolia pods and waving them around like a magic wand.

  • Running instead of walking through the neighborhood.

  • Being excited about “butterfly friends.”

  • Wanting hugs and kisses at least once an hour.

  • Being deeply empathetic with everyone around, including characters from Sesame Street and his favorite book (to the point of becoming very sad, scared, or joyful).

  • Being sensitive to the responses/actions of adults (disappointment or mockery has deep impact on his emotional state).

  • Loving animals of all kinds.

  • Telling involved stories.

  • Wanting to spell.

  • Loving books.

  • Enjoying sunsets, clouds, and the moon.

  • Loving all colors.

There is a lot about Kiddo that reminds me of how I was as a child. He is sensitive to things around him. He feels very deeply, and I know that to survive the world, he will need to develop coping mechanisms to manage his feelings.

I see this in him, and I wonder how he will negotiate the world. I wonder what the world will look like in 5, 10, or 20 years. I wonder what state humanity will find itself in.

I believe Martin Luther King was right – that the arc of history does bend towards justice. I know the world is actually safer now than ever before. I don’t know what the world will look like in the future, but I know I can do my part to ensure that arc continues on it’s expected path. I can help pull our social narrative towards love. I can be an example of what this looks like, professionally and personally. I can bless everything around me with good feelings, words, and actions.

And of course, Kiddo will grow up watching me do this – experiencing this firsthand. That’s bound to leave a mark. 🙂


Part of my efforts to make the world better is my SIX DEGREES curriculum on world religion here and my interfaith devotional here. Check them out and spread the word!

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