A rose still has inherent worth, whether you like it or not.

It’s no secret that writing is a dance between the high of inspired creation and low of apathetic rejection. Many writers have talked about balancing the motivation to write with the doubt that comes from repeated rejection, bad reviews, and or invisibility.

It is not a profession for the weak.

Whatever misgivings a writer has, they are often magnified by the submission process. It is submission in every sense of the word – laying bare the soul, those most precious things, before strangers, waiting for judgment. The work’s apparent worth is decided by these strangers, the will of the market, and the juiciness of their content.

It doesn’t matter how perfect the manuscript, there will always be a reviewer who doesn’t like it. It doesn’t matter how interesting the topic, someone will think “meh.” Agents will say “It isn’t for me.” Publishers will say, “It won’t sell.”

Everyone will not want it. Everyone will not like it. But someone always will…

And none of this changes the worth of the work. Worthiness does not come from the other. One’s worth comes from the self.

We are all the writer at some point in time. We’ve all submitted ourselves to outside forces and waited anxiously, for their judgment. When we were rejected, we felt worthless, and when we were accepted, we were affirmed.

While rejection is undesirable, and acceptance feels great, neither changes our worth. We are inherently valuable. Just us being – living and breathing – changes how reality functions. Because we have a unique voice, with a message to share through our words and actions, we are important. People love us. People rely on us. Even our smallest choices in a day have a lasting impact on the world around us.

My point is, do not sit by submissively waiting for someone else’s judgment to determine your worth. Know that you have power in every thought, word, and action. Know that your voice has an inherent worth because it is uniquely yours – you impact people just by going through life. That means you’re pretty important. Your energy and effort is important. And so is everyone else.

Remember that when you’re being evaluated or evaluating someone else. Everyone has worth. Period.

Rejected? Accepted? You're still you.
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